Instagram's Newest Feature Lets You Make Your Stories Way More ~Dramatique~

by Brittany Bennett

With every new feature announced on a social media platform, there is new license explore your creativity as a film ~artist~. Thanks to Instagram Stories our funny friends have become more interesting to watch than most of what's programmed on reality TV. And now, Instagram is introducing another tool to get creative with, the Superzoom. If you are wondering what Superzoom is on Instagram and how to utilize it, I've got the tips to get you started so you can begin blessing your feed with your work.

Every time I open my Instagram feed, which is once every five minutes, I immediately tune into the Stories freckling the top border of the app. It's an ever churning program of your favorite friends and accounts constantly updating. There's comedy. There's motivational speeches. There's tutorials on everything from how to apply mascara to achieve a natural look to how to boil water. All without having to change the channel or wait for Season 9 to air! Additional features to Stories like Boomerang and face filters allows for tools to create more compelling visuals that only add to your sequence. That's why Superzoom will be a big deal.


Zooming in has become a favorite technique in the social media film world. Perhaps it's because in the actual world of big screens and ~Hollywood~ zooming in on subjects is a way to evoke emotion from the audience. In a very short film school lesson, a quick zoom has been used in blockbusters like Steven Spielberg's Jaws which uses the zoom to illicit a sudden revelation and sense of doom/dread/every bad feeling associated with sharks. Basically, it keeps things interesting and viewers interested.

Superzoom is the latest feature to be added to Instagram's library of creative techniques to utilize in your creation of Stories. A representative from the social media platform explains, "Superzoom adds a creative twist to any video — letting users easily zoom in on one object with dramatic music for added effect." Ah, yes, the movie magic of sound. What's funnier than a tight zoom into a surprised expression? Oh, the comedy gold that can be mined from these features! It's also very straight forward so you can get your followers giggling in no time.


When you open your stories, you'll select Superzoom, just as you would Boomerang. You can simply tap and hold to record or tap once to record a Superzoom that will last about 3 seconds. Our friends at Instagram leant us some inspiration to get started saying, "you can make a superzoom of anything — your selfie, your friend's goofy face, or even your half-eaten sandwich." I predict a slew of investigative Superzooms in the future of Instagram stories as people happen upon strange items on the street and their sandwiches that are half-eaten but not ... by ... them. Dun, dun, dun!

When you have completed your Superzoom story, Instagram will automatically add a dramatic music soundtrack. Then, you can share it with a few specific friends or with your large group of followers as you typically would do. Creating and sharing your Superzoom stories is as easy as anything else you'd share, but this feature lets you exercise your directorial skills to make compelling, comedic — or dramatic — clips.

Hey, I would not be surprised if you immediately get a notification that The Academy started following you. And the next thing you know, you're being recognized by Hollywood for your Sofia Coppola-esque talents. Just keep your Oscar acceptance speech as close to a 15-second Instagram story. And don't forget to thank the social media platform for continuing to nourish the creativity and vision of young filmmakers!