What Is The ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection? It's A New Frontier For The Cosmetics Company

Beauty junkies know what a big deal it is when ColourPop releases a new product, and the announcement of the ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection was no exception. In a video posted on the brand's YouTube page, ColourPop marketing managers Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn announced the latest collection from the brand, which is all about using crushed crystals to make your makeup look luminous.

The new Crushed Crystal Collection includes four products: the Crystal Priming Spray, the Crystal Setting Spray, the Crystal Lip Balm, and the Crystal Liquid Highlight. True to ColourPop form, they're all insanely affordable and retail for $6 or less. The products utilize rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine and aquamarine, crystals that are all known for their different positive properties. It's ColourPop's first foray into the world of crystals and its first foray into the world of makeup prep products.

The brand said it best in its press release announcing the new collection: "ColourPop not only wants to ensure you have the best makeup, but also the tools to prime, set, and finish your look with their latest launch and new product category," the release read. Considering how great ColourPop's makeup is, I'm super excited about this new product category for the brand.

Pak and Wynn shared all the deets on the brand's YouTube.

All the new products will be available Wednesday, June 28, so we won't have long to wait.

So pretty, right? The Crystal Priming Spray helps soothe and prep skin for foundation and the Crystal Setting Spray helps calm and protect skin for longer lasting makeup.

How gorgeous are these colors? The Crystal Liquid Highlight, pictured in the middle above, is a lightweight liquid highlighter that can be "mixed with a moisturizer or applied foundation for a crystal-infused glow," according to the brand's release.

I'm already dying over how hydrating that Crystal Lip Balm looks. It's different than any current ColourPop formulation, and I for one can't wait to try. According to the brand, it's perfect for using on its own or over another lipstick color.

How pretty is that rose quartz color? I can't wait to see if the products are just as gorgeous (and useful) in person, but knowing ColourPop I'm sure they will be.