The Mega-Viral #DMXChallenge Flawlessly Celebrates Black Women's Hair & Style

Although the history of internet challenges has proved to be quite unpredictable and strange, a new challenge is here to snatch your wig. Black women have given the world a gem of a beauty challenge on Twitter known as the DMX Challenge. And if you’re already obsessed with regular makeup and style videos, this challenge is just as pleasing to watch.

The #DMXChallenge is the definition of what it means to be turning looks on a regular basis. The challenge focuses on rapper DMX’s 1999 single “What These B*tches Want,” where the second verse sounds off a list of different women.

“There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia (OK) Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia,” and the other 38 names roll on throughout the verse.

Black women and women of color have sampled the verse in the #DMXChallenge, all while sharing their resume of selfie videos wearing a plethora of different looks. With the #DMXChallenge, it explores and displays how versatile Black beauty truly is.

Dressed in their best makeup and hair ensembles, Black women and women of color are seen rocking everything from natural curls, doo doo buns, and locs to their wigs, bonnets, and hijabs. Essentially, people are witnessing Black girl magic up close.

Feast your eyes on some of the best tweets (and hair and makeup) from the DMX Challenge.

The original DMX song is far from a women's empowerment ballad with its implication of all the rapper's sexual encounters. However, in the name of turning the song on its head, Black women and women of color are using it to show the diversity in the Black beauty market.

Kenya Gatluak shared her DMX challenge video with a series of hairstyles that ranged from all colors and lengths. You might want to steal a note or two out of her book.

If you're looking for some flirty "hairspiration," Twitter user @elestialstone rocked a lot of loose waves in a series of styles for her DMX Challenge. Not to mention, her makeup and outfits are sickening!

Twitter users even took it to the level of sharing videos of not their hair, but their headscarves and hijabs, too. User @sailingnas proved that even without visible hair, the way she styles her head carves makes the challenge work regardless.

Challengers like @lindiwedim are so diverse with their looks, you'll wonder if someone totally different stood in as one of the names in the DMX song. This challenge, alone is an style inspiration haven for Black hair and eye makeup.

Twitter user Taweelah offers up a blast of colors for her DMX Challenge video. The makeup artist rocks a bunch of colorful shades of her head scarves to match and coordinate with her makeup and it's such a mood.

If there's anything Twitter does well, it's that the platform puts different people on to get involved in awesome challenges. There's no telling how long this viral internet trend will last, but just look up the DMX Challenge for a surge of style tips.