Kylie Cosmetics' Totally Extra Kylie Trucks Are Like Moving Stores & They're Launching Soon

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you loved the idea of a Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop, get ready for what's next. According to a sneaky little social media hint posted by the brand, Kylie Cosmetics now has a traveling Kylie Truck. The mirrored pink vehicle will be delivering products all over Los Angeles, whether you're on the naughty or nice list. Move over Santa, because Kylie Cosmetics is stealing your thunder and doing it in style.

Kylie Cosmetics is all about the season of giving, and this year could be the brand's biggest holiday takeover yet. After surprising fans with concealers, a brush set, and bullet lipsticks, Kylie is at it again. According to a mysterious new social media page — one of two that the brand follows on Instagram — the Kylie Truck will be coming to Los Angeles this December.

Think of it as the grown up version of an ice cream truck. It's a millennial pink box truck with mirrored drips coming down from the top. There seems to be a window on the side, which is more than likely there to pass out products. It's unclear whether these products will be free or this is a traveling store, but there are some details that are for sure.

According to the Instagram post, the first stop on the Kylie Truck mobile tour will be at The Grove in Los Angeles on 4 p.m. PST on Dec. 8.

As of Dec. 8, there's no word on where else the Kylie Truck will be traveling further than LA. Bustle reached out to see where else the Kylie Truck may pop up. While the travel distance of the truck still unknown, Kylie already announced one of the products arriving in the van — concealers.

"Be the first to try and purchase my concealers and sample them in person," Jenner's Instagram post reads.

This is pretty major, especially considering the stir on social media about the shade range. While there is a whopping 30 different shades to choose from, people are concerned about getting the wrong shade, especially given Kylie Cosmetics' no return policy. The Kylie Truck is a great way to test them out in person – but only in LA.

Given the timing of the truck's launch, the Kylie Truck could be filled with the Holiday Collection, which has already been released. The collection includes everything form the Naughty and Nice Kyshadow Palettes to The Wet Set Kylighter Palette. One thing is for sure though — whatever else in that truck won't last long.

There's a good chance that Jenner will not be on the truck to greet her customers. The star has been away from the public eye for months, which has spurred pregnancy rumors. Either way, this is a Kylie Cosmetics experience like no other.

Until then, you can buy Kylie Cosmetics products on the brand's website or in some Top Shop locations for a limited time. There have never been more ways to buy the products than right now, which is a good sign of things to come in 2018.

You can follow the Kylie Truck on Twitter or Instagram to be in-the-know about the bubblegum pink vehicle's location and all the goodies inside. It looks like that will be your best bet for finding out where the truck will be next.