What Is The Pink Out Day Hashtag?

I'm sure it's been like any other day on social media — aimlessly scrolling, catching up on the latest with your friends, family, as well as your favorite businesses and media organizations. Until you come across some post with the hashtag #PinkOut, which of course, is a curious tag, one that you may be wondering the meaning of. Well, you're in the right place: #PinkOut is for Pink Out Day on Mar. 29, organized by Planned Parenthood.

Curious? I'm sure if you circle around the web you'll find that a ton of websites and social accounts are going pink on Wed., Mar. 29. Why? Because it means there is support behind Planned Parenthood, and resistance towards government "defunding" of this iconic women's health center. Pink Out Day is supposed to be a visual representation of the 75 percent of Americans that support Planned Parenthood. If the entire internet can turn pink in support of its health services, than it could send a message to Congress of how much Planned Parenthood is needed for patients throughout the country.

Now Pink Out Day doesn't just have to stay on the internet. Supporters of Planned Parenthood are encouraged to wear pink on March 29, and to share selfies of themselves in their pink ensembles on all forms of social media. Using the #PinkOut hashtag is even better.

Are you one of the 75 percent ready to back Planned Parenthood up? Well help in its efforts to #PinkOut the web with these few steps. First, you can share its message through Thunderclap and see the millions of other people doing the same during Pink Out Day. Next, add some pink to your profile picture on your social platforms. Third, use the hashtags #PinkOut and spread the word by saying #IStandWithPP. And lastly, sign the pledge to let Congress know that you stand with the 75 percent.