George R.R. Martin Wants The 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel To Have This Title & It's So Revealing

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The outcome of who will ultimately sit upon the Iron Throne may be set to reach its epic conclusion when Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season, however, the world of Westeros won't be lost to fans for good. HBO has officially ordered a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel with George R.R. Martin and Jane Goldman at the helm, as reported by Variety. This is the first out of five possible Game of Thrones spin-off projects that have been up for discussion, though none of the others have been given pilots so far. But what is the title of the Game of Thrones prequel? As of now, no official name for the series has been revealed, though that hasn't stopped Martin from gifting the world with a few suggestions of his own.

On Martin's website, the Game of Thrones creator expressed his excitement over the upcoming project while also assuring fans that the spin-off will in no way impact or further delay the release of his highly anticipated book The Winds of Winter. "Yes, before you ask, work on Winds of Winter continues, and remains my top priority," Martin wrote. "If I wasn’t busy with Winds, don't you think I'd be scripting one or more of these pilots myself? It's not as if I've never written for TV…"

(Before Game of Thrones was making TV history, Martin wrote for shows like Beauty and the Beast and the rebooted Twilight Zone.)

His ongoing book-writing plans aside, though, Martin went on to describe the prequel in detail, writing on his latest blog post:

"Yes, this is a prequel, not a sequel. None of the characters or actors from GAME OF THRONES will appear in the new show. All of the successor shows we’ve been developing have been prequels, as I have mentioned before. This one really puts the PRE in prequel, since it is set not ninety years before GAME OF THRONES (like Dunk & Egg), or a few hundred years, but rather ten thousand years (well, assuming the oral histories of the First Men are accurate, but there are maesters at the Citadel who insist it has only been half that long). We’re very early in the process, of course, with the pilot order just in, so we don’t have a director yet, or a cast, or a location, or even a title."

But while no name has been given to the prequel thus far, Martin already has an idea of what he'd really like it to be. "My vote would be THE LONG NIGHT, which says it all, but I’d be surprised if that’s where we end up," Martin continued on his blog post. "More likely HBO will want to work the phrase "game of thrones" in there somewhere. We'll know sooner or later."

It makes sense that the network would want to capitalize on the original show's popularity by having Game of Thrones in the title, so perhaps viewers can expect the series to be called something like Game of Thrones: The Long Night or The Long Night: A Game of Thrones Story. But again, this is all just speculation, though you have to believe Martin will have some sway in the matter, so his suggestions could be a good clue as to what it'll eventually be titled.

It's difficult to picture any form of Game of Thrones without the incredible cast of characters viewers have come to know and love, but the concept certainly sounds interesting.

According to The Wrap, the official synopsis for the prequel reads:

"Taking place thousands of years before the events of 'Game of Thrones,' the series chronicles the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros' history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend … it's not the story we think we know."

Suffice to say, it's enough to make any Game of Thrones fans tune in to see how the world of Westeros began, regardless of the title.