There Are Rumors That A Zombie Frappuccino Is Coming To Starbucks & The Internet Is Freaked Out

Starbucks; Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle

'Tis the season for ghouls, goblins and... green frappuccinos? If you haven't heard the whispers, listen up: According to some very interesting rumors, there might be a new twist on Starbucks' classic blended menu item rising from the dead this Halloween. It's rumored to be called the Zombie Frappuccino, and it's also rumored to be potentially arriving during Halloween week. So, because the drink may be creeping into stores soon and you should know what exactly to expect surrounding the hype. Bustle reached out to Starbucks for comment about these zombie-rrific rumors, but received no comment.

It seems that every holiday is an opportunity to premiere a special-edition drink that has customers flocking to stores with their Instagram app open. And Halloween is an excellent excuse for our favorite brands to make a monster mash-up of their products for the sake of ~content~. While this all currently remains speculation, word on the street (read: the very exciting rumors) is that this drink would be so vibrantly slime green and spectacularly hot pink that it wouldn't even need to be slapped with a filter before being posted to your feed.

So, what would this drink be? As we know, zombies prefer to feast on brains and not cinnamon-spiced pumpkins like the living tend to enjoy. Don't worry: according to the rumor mill, this concoction will be brains free which would make it something you run towards not away from.

When Would It Be Released?

According to the blog Day of the Human, which Grubstreet reported is apparently run by an ex-Starbucks barista, the Zombie Frappuccino could be an "extremely limited" release, if it is real. It's rumored run date would be from Oct. 26 through Halloween itself, Oct. 31. So, yes, you'd literally have to run to your nearest location to get your claws on it.

This limited release is reminiscent of the last colored Frappuccino that transported our daily coffee-drinking lives to cloud nine. The Unicorn Frappuccino, a bubblegum pink and baby blue drink complete with glittered sprinkles, was only available for a short time last summer. Though its photogenic construction lasts forever in our hearts and on our social media.

What Would It Be Made Of?

According to the rumors that Day of the Human reported, key ingredients could include a blend of "green apple caramel powder and pink powder." The whip cream on top will play the role of brains and be completed with a "pink mocha drizzle", eliciting more of a cartoon zombie vibe than a Walking Dead flesh eater. (Thankfully.) So, really, Starbucks is letting us play the part of zombie as we get to slurp on sugary brains.

And with rumors a flurry in this crisp Autumn air, people are already ~losing their minds~.

Twitter is alive with reactions to the speculation of this appropriately spooky concoction right now. And the people lending their thoughts on this rumor range from baristas to Frappuccino fans around the globe. (Though this rumor doesn't include information on how many stores this drink would possibly reach.)

Just as fans of the coffee chain were excited to be blessed with a colorful version of the creamy caffeinated drink, they seem to also be freaking about the possible existence of a zombie Frappuccino.

Yes, most of us are all zombies before our share of coffee in the morning. So if the rumor turns out to be true, I'm sure that this take on the frappuccino will bring all of us back from the dead of sleep.

But let's all stay calm, cool and collected for the time being. Starbucks has yet to confirm that there will be a Halloween themed drink at all on the menu for us to pose with before devouring. While we wait for the ~official~ news, we can keep on enjoying our usual Pumpkin Spice Lattés.

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