Venmo Will Donate Meals To Kids In Need Every Time You Use This Emoji

by Brittany Bennett

Friendsgiving is as much about giving back as it is about being grateful for the people around the table who pick up the phone when you call. When you Venmo your squad for Friendsgiving day grocery this year you might see a new emoji in the bank. If you're wondering what is Venmo's turkey hand emoji, it's the app's new original emoji that's dedicated to an amazing cause. Gather all your friends together for the annual Friendsgiving feast, because there's a new tradition to start and it's all about giving back.

You may have spent some of your Thanksgivings serving hot meals at soup kitchens in your area. If you have, you know that there is no brighter feeling than bringing the kind of smiles only a stocked, hot plate of turkey can evoke on the faces of your community. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way that you could contribute meals to hungry families in need all throughout November? Thanks to grocery chain Aldi teaming up with our favorite digital wallet Venmo, you can. And easily. Venmo and Aldi are now making it possible for an emoji to help save the world one plate of food at a time. All you have to do is use it.

Venmo has nestled itself into our lives as a staple app. We use it to pay our friends back when they covered the bill or our much needed Monday morning cup of coffee that we forgot to pick up on the way to work. It's a clutch tool when splitting utility bills with roommates. Need to send birthday money? Just Venmo it. And when we're sending or requesting funds, we typically get creative in the mandatory note section by way of emojis. With hundreds to choose from, it's easier to communicate what the payment is for in graphics. There's a very special emoji being introduced to us that you can use all throughout the month of November, no matter what the charge is for.

The money transferring app now comes in handy when you want to contribute to all the kindness and good that still exists in our world. Aldi has teamed up with Venmo to create a craft-hand turkey emoji for the sole purpose of donating meals to those in need through Feeding America, a hunger relief organization in the US. When you use the emoji in the note box on your usual transactions, ten meals will be donated. Ten! Just because you used an emoji when paying friends back for those Friendsgiving grocery costs.

To find the emoji version of the hand Turkey's we used to cut out and draw in for our parents every Thanksgiving as Elementary school students, just type in "Friendsgiving" in the note. It will pop right up. You can also find it by opening the Venmo emoji bar in the app, not on your keyboard. The best part is, you can use this emoji for any reason you so please, it doesn't have to just be for Friendsgiving.

Aldi's blog reads, "We’re working to provide 1 million meals ($100,000) to families in need this holiday, secured by Feeding America on behalf of their local member food banks." So you can keep that craft-turkey hand going strong in your Venmo newsfeed throughout the month. Feeding America works with 60,000 food pantries and programs to provide meals to over 46 million people.

Friendsgiving parties are all about creating new traditions. Giving back will be an excellent tradition to add to your gathering this year. It can start with an emoji and, who knows, become a regular group activity not just reserved for this time of the year. Happy Friendsgiving and happy giving back!