See Violet Voss' I Believe In Unicorns Sneak Peek

by Kali Borovic

If there is a Unicorn of the makeup world, this is it. According to their Instagram sneak peek, Violet Voss is creating new lashes called Eye Believe In Unicorns. There's not too much information given on the items yet. From what has been released, it's clear to see that they're going to be something special. What's so great about Violet Voss' Eye Believe In Unicorns lashes, you ask? Here's the beauty breakdown on the product, so you can see for yourself.

Violet Voss is off to a pretty incredible start this year. So far they've created a silicone makeup sponge and teased their upcoming Ride Or Die Palette. Now they're teasing yet another product, but this time it's all about the eyes. According to their Instagram post, the Eye Believe In Unicorns is a set of three "mystical lashes" that are triple stacked.

If you're not familiar with the beauty term, let me break it down. Triple stacked means that there are three layers of lashes on top of one another. So basically, you're getting the maximum fullness from one set of lashes. The brand hasn't shown a photo of the actual lashes yet — just the packaging — but they sound pretty magical to me.

This isn't the first pair of triple stacked lashes that the brand has created though. Violet Voss currently has three other super voluminous lash styles up for grabs right now. They're being sold for $10 each or $27 for all three. Here's a look at an example of how full the lashes are, so you can see what's about about to arrive.

Sexy And Eye Know It Lashes (Limited Edition), $10,

Since there's so much coloring on the package, this could very well mean colored lashes are on their way as well. Can you imagine a lash style this full and colored. of course, nothing is for sure yet, but, hey, a girl can dream.

Whatever the product turns out to be, you already know it's going to be great. I can't wait to find out more details on this triple stacked launch.

Images: shopvioletvoss/Instagram (1), Violet Voss (1)