What Items You Should Buy This Week, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Urban Outfitters; Neiman Marcus

The usual reality of life is that you want to buy everything but don't have enough funds to really splurge. But when you've been killing it at work and saving up for a while, you'll sometimes run into the dilemma where you have extra money to spend but don't know what to spend it on. For these rare, but oh-so-beautiful occasions where you need a little shopping-inspo, you might want to take a creative route and consider what items you should buy this week, based on your zodiac sign.

If you're like me and astrology has taken over every decision of your life to the point where you base your breakfast off of what your horoscope recommends for the day, then this is just the list for you. Each zodiac sign comes along with its own unique personality traits that make up the likes and dislikes of its ascribed members. By paying close attention to these traits as well as the hottest products out this week, we've come up with a few products we think you'd love based on your zodiac sign. From lip kits to bed sets to everything in between, here are things that each zodiac sign should buy this week.

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