What Makes Anxiety Worse? 9 Habits That Can Contribute To Stress, According To Experts


If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone — it's an extremely common mental health issue. But its commonality doesn't make it any less serious or difficult for you to manage. In fact, anxiety disorders often get harder to deal with because it can be tough for you to recognize the cause of the anxiety, and you may not realize that there are common things you're doing that are making your anxiety worse.

"Any time we lose confidence in the predictability of what is happening to us or that it will work out — optimism or control — we are prone to become anxious," licensed clinical psychologist Gerald E. Nissley, Jr., who specializes in mood concerns, anxiety, trauma-related symptoms and more, tells Bustle. "Sometimes, our environment does that to us with unexpected or intense events — transitions in jobs, schools, relationships, etc. Sometimes, we do that to ourselves through self-defeating and irrational ways of thinking that make things seem more overwhelming and less predictable than they are." And though it may be difficult and sometimes almost impossible to control the circumstances that may be the root cause of your anxiety, you can still take conscious efforts every day to make sure that you are avoiding situations and actions that may be hurting your mental health.

Here are 10 common things that may be making your anxiety worse, according to experts.