What Makeup Looks Like Under A Microscope Is FAR More Disturbing Than You Think

by Summer Arlexis

It's all fun and games when you're playing dress up with a new lippie or dusting on your favorite highlighter, but there's nothing enjoyable about seeing beauty products on a microscopic level. Thanks to beauty blogger Tina Yong, you can now know what makeup looks like under a microscope, and its far from pretty.

Oh YouTube, a virtual home for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain old disturbing. Along with its hoard of glamorous beauty how-to's, the video-sharing website offers some frightening insight into what makeup looks like beyond its aesthetically-pleasing surface. When Yong took her handheld microscope to a fresh paint job, it was like something straight out of a horror film. The beauty session turned scientific experiment could peak a makeup lover's interest like an influencer reviewing a newly-released palette, but it was equally as horrifying as a famous Dr. Pimple Popper video. Talk about a total mind-blower.

Viewer discretion is advised as you scroll on to discover just what's really hiding beneath your beauty beat. Once you get a glimpse of things up close and personal, it's going to be hard to un-see the horror.

Back at it again with another weird beauty video, the creator of the "Tina Tries It" YouTube series basically took a magnifying glass to her glam. But before giving away all of the gross deets, she gave viewers a look at her facade sans makeup.

Judging from her plain face, Yong didn't appear to have very problematic skin. Other than a little redness here and there and a pop-up pimple, her skin looked pretty flawless.

The microscope would have you believe otherwise, though. Closeups of select areas of her facade and blemishes were a nightmare. It was obvious that nothing good comes out zooming in on the skin.

Fine hairs on her cheeks and forehead looked like icky creepy crawlers, her lone pimple looked like an oozing blackhole of yuckiness, and her freckle looked like it had its own freckles.

As gross as her "normal"-looking skin appeared, it was about to get much worse. After all, this trending video on YouTube doesn't just have 3.1 million views and counting in less than a week for nothing.

Applying the essentials like foundation, eyeshadow, and highlighter, Yong brushed on a full face. Then, she took out her trusty dusty microscope to compare what her face looked like before and after makeup.

You'd think that cover up and sparkly shimmers would make things drastically better. But blemishes like the pimple still looked just as yucky as ever. The black hole of a zit now looked liked like ripped, bloody zombie flesh when it was covered with a base.

The same goes for the freckle, which looked much worse with makeup than it did before. For something that makes the face look so even and beautiful on the surface, liquid makeup sure looked like a gross infection with intense magnification.

The eyebrows weren't quite as bad. Formerly left untouched, the hairs now had a coating from brow mascara that only made them appear thicker. You could even see tiny flecks of sparkle on each strand that likely came from Yong dusting highlighter onto her brow bone.

Try not to completely lose your sh-t when you get a glimpse of what eyelashes actually look like with mascara. Yong likened the close-up to the charred remains of a burned down forest, a very accurate and disturbing description. It wouldn't be far off to think the tiny hairs looked like creepy spider legs, either — yikes!

The cheeks and eyelids were about the only non-terrifying aspects of the experiment. You could see the prettiest sparkles flickering against her skin thanks to the gorgeous pigments in shadows and illuminator. Luckily, the microscopic view didn't ruin the beauty community's love for highlighter.

All it took was a tiny microscope to completely alter your views on makeup. And to make matters worse, Yong revealed that she's considering doing the same experiment with dirty makeup brushes or beauty blenders. If a close-up of face makeup looked this disturbing then dirty applicators under a microscope has got to be a Freddy Krueger-level nightmare just waiting to happen.