Here's What A Revolve Employee Wore To Her First Music Festival Of The Year

by Gabrielle Prescod
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Waking up and choosing an outfit for the day can arguably be one of the most stressful parts of your morning routine. There are so many factors to consider: Obviously, the weather. Also, what are you doing that day? Do you have something to do that night? Are you going to be walking a lot? Do you have any important meetings? It's enough to make your bedroom and closet outwardly reflect the internal tornado of thoughts you're experiencing. Finally making a decision deserves some recognition, specifically in the form of a selfie. I, for one, always end up taking a selfie in my mirror after I'm dressed for the day because whether I planned the outfit ahead of time or threw something on in 5 minutes, I think its important to document what you chose for that day. You'll have that picture and a year from now can look back and remember how you were feeling or see how your personal style has evolved.

Since I feel it's so important to document that final look, I started asking some of my favorite people to do the same — and answer my burning questions about their outfits. Kelsey Foltz, Senior Content Editor at Revolve, has amazing style. When she was at Coachella this spring, she had to consider dressing for the desert temperatures but also wearing something that was functional since she was working all day. I could not be more obsessed with the outfit she chose for day 1 of #revolvefestival!

Where did you get this look?

REVOLVE of course! I'm wearing the Frankie B Naomi cropped t-shirt, Year of Ours x REVOLVE ribbed biker shorts, and the Adidas Originals Yung-1 sneakers.

Is it comfortable?

The most comfortable! Honestly why I went with this look in the first place.

Was this the first outfit you tried on today?

Pretty much! I was originally planning to wear the full Frankie B set, but I’ve been loving lavender lately so I went with the biker shorts.

What is your favorite thing about this outfit?

All of it honestly. But if I had to pick it would be the shoes — I’m a sneaker girl.

Editor's Note: Not pictured are Foltz' Adidas platform trainers.

How did you decide on what to wear? What factors when into your decision (weather, event, activity, etc.)?

ALL OF THE ABOVE. I knew we were going to be running around a lot in the heat, so this look was the perfect decision.

Is there anything else you would rather be wearing?

Maybe head-to-toe vintage Dior... But, no, I loved my look. It was fun, easy, and effortless.

Have you worn this outfit or any part of this outfit before?

Just the vintage fanny!

Was there a specific trend you had in mind when you got dressed today?

Not really! I just knew I wanted to be colorful (I wore all black the next day).

Did your outfit choice affect how you did your hair and makeup or vice versa?

I wanted to do a neon liner or shadow, but, to be honest, I was scared it would melt off in the heat. I did go with 10 different gel colors for my nails though.

Are you big on accessories? Can you not feel fully dressed without them?

I’m just loving all the hair clips right now! I’m pretty standard with my go-to necklaces and my everyday hoops.

Can you dance in this outfit?

You know it!

Is there something you think your outfit is missing that you wish you had?

You tell me! Always down to switch it up!

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