15 Things That Are Guaranteed To Ruin A First Date


Whether it's a Tinder date or a set up by a friend, there's a right way to nail a romantic meet up, and there's an oh-so-wrong way. Thanks to the trending hashtag #WhatRuinedOurDate, Twitter users are spilling their guts about what will definitely destroy a perfectly good night out in the hopes bad daters everywhere will get a clue.

Social scientists and everyday folks alike have been obsessed with what makes a perfect first date for millennia. (Or, you know, as long as dating has actually been a thing.) Is it the date location? The conversation? The physical chemistry? Or a combination of all that and more? According to Princeton psychologists, it only takes 1/10 of a second to make a first impression, so every moment literally counts — and in a sense, it might not even matter what you do as long as you get a good initial vibe going. That said, there are plenty more moments throughout a dinner or movie or concert or Sunday afternoon bike ride that will win you favor or completely ruin your chances for a second date.

Here are a few things that might spell disaster for a romantic rendezvous:

1. Drinking Problems

2. Money Problems

3. Communication Problems

4. Romantic Problems

5. Fashion Problems

6. Political Problems

7. Behavioral Problems

8. Personal Problems