Peep ColourPop's Pressed Powder Palette Shades

by Augusta Statz

This brand never fails to amaze, so, of course, when they launch two entirely new eye shadow palettes, you’re going to want to purchase one of each. What shades are in ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Palettes? You’ll get two very different looks from each of these, and trust me — it’ll be hard to choose a favorite.

First up, there’s the Hi-Maintenance Palette that’s filled with rose gold and burgundy hues. It contains the all-new shades Just In Time, High Strung, Get Out and Cute Alert. Then, you have the Lo-Key Palettes that’s filled with everyday neutrals and oranges. You’ll find cute names such as I Owe You, Running Late, Take It Slow and Criss Cross.

Each one retails for $18 and will launch at exactly 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Jan. 13. But, that’s not all you have to look forward to! At the same time these fixed ranges become available to shop, you’ll also be able to scoop up a bunch of new individual pressed shadows from the brand. If for some reason you don’t fall head over heels for the palettes the brand’s presenting (doubtful) you’ll also be able to customize your own by ordering four individual hues and receiving and empty palette for free. ColourPop’s always looking out for you, aren’t they?


Both products are mega affordable, making it easier to add them to your cart!


You're in for some glam vampy looks with this line-up on-hand.

These are definitely worth a closer look.


Here's exactly what you'll find inside the Hi-Maintenance Palette.


If you're hoping to add a bit of drama to your makeup routine, this is how it's done.


Meanwhile, Lo-Key is here to give you a subtle, ultra wearable effect.


Create eye looks that are mostly neutral but have a fun pop of color. Just perfect!

Get ready to shop these shades and more very soon.

Remember, according to the brand's Snapchat, they'll be handing out empty palettes for free with the purchase of four individual hues for a limited time. So, if you want to rack up Hi-Maintenace and Lo-Key as well as create a line of your own, the sooner you shop on Jan. 13, the better!