Glossier Just Extended Its Skin Tints & Concealers To 12 Shades — And It's Long Overdue

The search for the right foundation as a person of color is hard. But on the days you want to go for weightless makeup, the search for a tinted moisturizer is even harder. However, Instagram's favorite "makeup-no-makeup" brand, Glossier, just extended the range of its skin tints and concealers to 12 shades, and all the faith has been restored.

When Glossier had first launched, the brand had only five shades available in its perfecting skin tint and five shades in its stretch concealer. Fans were concerned as there was plenty more room for deeper shades to be included, and even in between shades for the ones that existed. The brand finally took note and shared the news of an extension on Instagram. In a series of photos, models from various backgrounds wore the new complexion products to reflect a more diverse shade range.

"Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer—makeup optimized for glowy, dewy skin—now available in 12 adaptable shades."

If you thought Glossier's zit stick was revolutionary, a tinted moisturizer and dewy concealer duo "made for everyone" may have just booted it off of its pedestal.

Not only did the brand develop more shades for its complexion products, but it developed its own guide for you to find your Glossier face.

The range of the shades are split up into 4 new categories: Light, Medium, Deep, and Rich. Each shade in every category is either a warm, neutral and deep shade, so even undertones have been noted in this launch, and it's totally praise-worthy.

What's cool about this launch is not only do fans get to dig deeper into more shades, but the brand is releasing the perfecting skin tint and stretch concealer as a duo for $36, so you save $8 when you buy them together. Glossier is preaching all the good news today, and many fans agreed and sang their praises in the comments.

"TAKE MY MONEY!!!" One fan wrote under the post. "So happy about this."

"The representation of different skin tones!! Thank you, Glossier," wrote another.

If you're just as excited as the next natural makeup geek on the block, then you're in luck because they're already available to purchase online.

Perfecting Skin Tint

Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint is where a bare face and a hint of coverage meet in the middle. It gives your natural beauty an even tone while maintaining the feeling of bare skin. It's lightweight formula allows your skin to breathe under makeup and your face is still your face.

Stretch Concealer

The stretch concealer does exactly what it says: stretch. Whether you're shooting for a light makeup look or need to cover up your bad decisions from the night before, this concealer's got your face covered. It gives you the coverage while sticking to the dewy finish that makes you look like you just hopped out of the shower.

Many people were waiting for Glossier to expand its shades of complexion products, and now that it's finally here, even more natural beauty lovers can dabble in dewy products.