This Arie ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Will Be Right At Home On TV

Steven Lawton/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The year is coming to a close, and Bachelor Nation fans know what that means. A whole new season of the franchise is about to begin, starring previous suitor Arie Luyendyk Jr. On Friday afternoon, People shared the list of the women who'll be vying for Arie's heart when The Bachelor returns, and the Arie Bachelor Season contestant list includes Jessica, who's apparently a TV host. With a profession like that, she'll surely be comfortable on TV. But have you seen her face before? What TV show does Jessica from The Bachelor host?

Well, some digging shows that Jessica, 26, from Santa Monica, California is Jessica Carroll. Her professional website is an exercise in personal branding. This contestant is definitely a glittering personality, and she wants you to know it. It remains to be seen how she'll describe herself in her Bachelor profile, but here's how her website bio does the job. It says:

"Who is Jessica Carroll? Think PINK! More specifically, a pink Victoria Secret Sports Bra; comforting, supportive, yet willing to push you up when you’re down. She’s an authentic digital entrepreneur and host with a heart, who is passionate about connecting, entertaining, and inspiring her audience to be beautifully happy."

Okay, so obviously Jessica is a glass-half-full kind of person, and audiences can probably expect her to be bright and bubbly on the show. Fortunately, plenty of proof of her comfort in front of the camera is available online. (Which may mean she'll get a head start on being your early fave.) The show that Jessica hosts is online. That's right: she's a blogger and a vlogger with her own lifestyle and entertainment oriented YouTube channel.

Let's check out some of her work:

Everyone Needs A Healthy Colon

In this video, Jessica gets into the trend of, yikes, colon cleansing. If you're too freaked out to try these methods yourself, her reviews may help you decide what you need to do to keep your insides moving in a healthy way. Informative and fun.

Razor Sharp Wit

Again, in the area of "stuff that intrigues but also scares you," Jessica tries to shave her facial hair with a razor. Is that easier or harder than all the various hair removal methods women have been sold across decades? You'll have to watch her video to find out.

Wendy Williams Approved

The future Bach contestant has also appeared on HSN as a fashion expert, extolling the virtues of Wendy Williams' collection. And if you're approved by that hostess with the mostess — well, it doesn't get much better than that.

Becoming An Atomic Blonde

In some action hero wish fulfillment, Jessica got to learn some of the stunts that Charlize Theron — a complete and utter badass — completed in her spy action thriller Atomic Blonde. It takes guts to pull off some of these moves, even with professional supervision. So cheers to Jessica for just going for it.

Doing Embarrassing Things For Your Entertainment

When she hit 100,000 subscribers (no small feat), Jessica did a dare. She wore silicon butt pads, which, sure, you can wear what you want if it makes you feel good. But she wore them hanging out of her jeans, which definitely drew a few stares as she walked the streets. Being on The Bachelor does occasionally involve embarrassing stunts, so it's good to know that Jessica is super game to make fun of herself.

You can find lots more fun and funny videos on Jessica's YouTube channel, or you can look out for her HSN. And she'll be on your TV weekly in 2018 when Arie's Bachelor season kicks off.