These Two Signs Will Be Affected The Most By The Unluckiest Day Of The Year

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It's been a long time since the sun set at what felt like a reasonable hour. Ever since June's summer solstice, the days have been getting progressively shorter, making it that much more difficult to muster up any semblance of the motivation required to hit the gym, grab a drink, or otherwise do "life things" at the end of the workday. When it's dark well before 5 p.m., it's a lot easier to hunker down at home as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The winter solstice is finally here, though, and on Dec. 21, we'll begin to see more sunlight with each passing day. I think everyone can agree that this calls for celebration, but the day itself could prove challenging, and there are two astrological sign that are more likely to be affected by the winter solstice than others. Is yours one of them?

Before I reveal the answer to this burning question, allow me to offer a quick solstice refresher. The reason that our days are about to get oh-so-blissfully longer after Dec. 21 is that the sun will now begin moving north. It hits its southernmost point on the winter solstice and then changes directions, making it possible for us to see more and more sunlight with each passing day. The winter solstice also marks the first day of the astrological winter (different from the meteorological winter, which has been forcing many of us into our puffer coats for a few weeks already).

Despite its obvious perks, there's been talk among astrologers about just how rough of a day the winter solstice itself is going to be. I mean, according to Susan Miller, Dec. 21 is bound to be "difficult, depressing" and "heavy." That's scary! So, in an effort NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to get her take on which signs will be taking the biggest hit. Capricorns and Aquariuses, it gives me no pleasure to report that it's you.

As Stardust explains it, the sun will enter Capricorn on Dec. 21, marking the solstice and kicking off the new winter season. Capricorn — as well as Aquarius — is ruled by Saturn, a planet that's all about learning lessons and understanding big truths. Because Saturn is the ruling planet for both Aquarius and Capricorn, these signs can expect to be hit the hardest by the solstice's spiritual and emotional effects.

What can you expect if your birthday puts you into one of these astrological categories? Given the unique combination of the sun's impact on ego, the lack of sunlight we'll all experience on Dec. 21, and the way that Saturn plays into heavy lessons and truths, Stardust tells Bustle that the solstice will be a time for "introspection, maturity, and sensibility around how [they] go after [their] desires" for Saturn-ruled people. Capricorns and Aquariuses will likely find that their ego takes a big hit on Dec. 21 as they are confronted with the realities of how they manage adulting matters like finances, jobs, and relationships. They may find themselves wrestling with big questions, struggling to figure out if they've been doing things the right way, and maybe even facing the consequences of decisions that have already been made. Heavy, heavy stuff.

This is made all the worse for my Capricorn and Aquarius friends, of course, by the fact that the winter solstice is also, by definition, the shortest day of the year. If these issues weren't tough enough to deal with in the sunlight, they only become more daunting when the sun goes down earlier than ever, especially when you consider the extent to which the sun is tied to our egos.

Take heart, Capricorns and Aquariuses. This day will pass, and with it, the heavy questions and all-too-early sunset. In the meantime, practice self care and don't be afraid to cut yourself some slack.