ThirdLove Now Has 78 Bra Sizes Because One Size Definitely Doesn't Fit All

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Inclusivity in fashion certainly extends to undergarments, especially since bras and panties are the basic building blocks of your OOTD. To prove the importance of undergarment inclusivity, bra brand ThirdLove has expanded to 78 sizes. As of Feb. 20, the brand's updated sizing includes band sizes 30 through 48 and cup sizes AA through I across five styles. With this many options, there truly is a bra for almost everyone because one size doesn't fit all.

ThirdLove remains committed to its mission of offering an unmatched array of sizes, and to create perfect, comfortable, and stylish bras for every woman in the world.

To celebrate the extended sizing, ThirdLove cast 78 women who represent a variety of diverse backgrounds in its latest campaign. There is no better or more effective way to demonstrate how inclusive these bras are than by showing them off on beautiful and unique bodies. According to the brand, the imagery features women who differ in age, background, ethnicity, sexuality, and size.

ThirdLove considers proper fit to be of paramount importance when constructing its bras. Therefore, the company tests its wares on many different women rather than relying on sample-size fit models.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

"At ThirdLove, inclusivity isn't a box we check off or a task to complete," founder Heidi Zak tells Bustle exclusively via email. "Inclusivity is an ongoing process, and a promise we intend to keep. Starting today, women of all shapes and sizes have a true range of choices and can see herself in one of the 78 women we photographed in our most-loved 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra as part of this campaign. And this is only the beginning."

Courtesy of ThirdLove

ThirdLove doesn't cheat its customer by creating "new" or larger sizes by simply scaling existing measurements up or down, which results in sloppy and inaccurate fits. Not. Even. Close.

Instead, ThirdLove tests each cup size on at least 20 women with different body types and breast shapes, since no two pairs of breasts are uniform or exactly alike.

ThirdLove actively accounts for the fact that our boobs are as distinct as our DNA. This meticulous attention to mammary details ensures that the new designs are as stylish, comfortable, and sexy at size A as they are at size I. The fabrics and details remain the same regardless of size.

At ThirdLove, inclusivity isn't about making the bra bigger. It's about making it better.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

ThirdLove understands that bigger sizes require additional thought, care, consideration, and construction. To make sure the bras are more supportive and stronger where they need to be, the brand adds premium touches like wider straps or more substantial hook and eye closures without ignoring silhouette or proportion. Fit is indeed everything.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

ThirdLove has essentially disrupted the bra space from the get-go. The brand has always innovated by offering half-cup sizes. It also eliminated the awkwardness and general discomfort of a commercial fitting room, with its bright fluorescent lighting, in favor of its custom Fit Finder quiz. The user-friendly questionnaire helps shoppers address and correct any fit issues they may be experiencing — from cup overflow to fastening the wrong hook to strap tightness.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

My personal experiences with ThirdLove have turned me into a loyalist. After years of struggling to find the right bra for what I thought were my 36DD boobs, my search ended when I slipped the straps of ThirdLove's 24/7 Perfect Coverage bra in 34E over my shoulders for the first time. I never truly believed that I could rely on a digital quiz to help me figure out the right level of comfort, support, and bra size for my very large breasts. But it legit works, and I could not love my ThirdLove bras more.

ThirdLove’s extended sizing means a properly fitting bra is out there for you, too. Start by taking the FitFinder quiz and you will soon find your new fave bra.