What Song Did Lilli Passero Sing On 'The Voice'? This Jazzy Standard Gave Coach Adam Levine Amy Winehouse Vibes

Tyler Golden/NBC

One of the best and most memorable moments during the most recent episode of The Voice was, I kid you not, Lilli Passero's performance. She's been rising in the ranks as the numbers have dwindled over the weeks, but it was Passero's version of "Town Without Pity" on The Voice that really pushed her into the frontrunner category. There was something theatrical and soulful at work in her performance. As she moved around on that stage, both in her voice and in her body, Passero was able to bring out a new quality to her performer persona. Best of all, Passero's performance left you with the distinct feeling you had just heard Amy Winehouse perform onstage. It was wild, but in the best way.

This week, coach Adam Levine chose the jazzy '60s song "Town Without Pity" by Gene Pitney for Passero to sing. As such, we have to tip our caps to Levine's keen insight into how to get the best out of the L.A.-based singer. Passero's voice, which is now being groomed as a jazz-style voice, was pushed deeper into the old-school jazz vibes of her musical assignment.

At various points in rehearsal, Levine kept noting that she has a distinct Winehouse quality about her voice. He wanted to coax those dramatic, melancholy, and even sullen tones out of Passero to breathe new life into the lyrics, which describe someone alienated from the world. Those were the things, Levine felt, would help her performance and send her to the top of the class.

When Passero got onstage on Monday night, she transported the entire audience to another time and place. As Levine would note later on in his comments, that transportation didn't feel contrived or kitschy. It was real and as such, an indicator of Passero's talents. She also showcased a genuine affinity in her style and her approach to the song which shone through in her performance.

As her voice soared up and down the musical scale, showcasing her natural aptitude for great technical skill, she appeared to have the audience spellbound. There was a brassy, steely quality to her voice that matched the horns accompanying her. She swayed onstage, lost in the moment. She was on another level and for that, she caught the attention of the judges.

Passero truly transcended on The Voice. I will definitely not be surprised if and when she moves on to the next round of the singing competition.