These Stores Will Be Open On Christmas Eve For All Your Last-Minute Shopping Needs

It's that magical time of year again. As snow begins to fall and decorate our lawns with fluffy powder, our loved one's holiday wish lists start to accumulate too. While we all do our best to be prompt gift purchasers, it's very easy to put it off between pot lucks and other festive events. If you're wondering what stores are open Christmas Eve 2017, I have some great news for you: there are plenty of places you'll find still stocked with good gift options on Dec. 24. The amount of stores staying open is enough to make you believe in Christmas miracles all over again.

Mini-North Poles in the form of tech depots to fashion shops will keep their doors open through Christmas Eve. When I inquired with shopkeepers on the status of their day before Christmas operations, the overwhelming response was a joyous "yes." So joyous, in fact, that it was if I were speaking to Santa's personal shoppers themselves.

So, fellow procrastinators, rejoice. Stores will be open and ready to help you pick out the perfect present. But, you'll have to gallop into stores to out pace Rudolph's route if you want to win the race against Santa. Most stores will have special holiday hours so that employees can get some family time in too. Merry last-minute shopping!


The department store feels like a year-round North Pole to begin with. But on Dec. 24, it will ~actually~ feel like it. Stores will be open, so stop in to grab last minute Christmas Day snacks, stocking stuffers or *cough* that blender that's been on your sister's wish list forever *cough*.


Walmart will stay open on Dec. 24. With an entertainment section as stocked as Walmart's, you won't be leaving empty handed for the movie lover in your life. Call your local store for business hours.


Decided last minute that you and your siblings should all wear holiday onesies? Kohl's has an astounding selection of pajamas and will be open to make your dream Christmas pictures come to life. Most will stay open until 6 p.m., but call your local store for closing times.


Macy's is as close to the North Pole you'll get during your Christmas shopping. And it will not fail you on Christmas Eve if you have yet to pick up that perfume your mom really likes!


From clothing to appliances, you have a lot to pick between when you shop at Sears. Just get there before 6PM when stores are planning to close.

Big Lots

In need for last minute Christmas party decorations? Big Lots has the decor and the deals to get you through the next day's festivities.


Whether it's toys or tech you're looking to pick up, KMart will have all aisles open for your shopping pleasure.


Heard your Grandma mention she doesn't have any nice sweaters? JCPenney will have sweaters for all members of your family. Keep everyone warm around the tree and shop JCPenney Christmas Eve.

Apple Store

By some Christmas miracle there will be an available iPhone X at your local Apple Store. Stop in on Christmas Eve to check what's in stock and win stocking stuffers forever.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble will keep their doors open on Christmas Eve so that you can grab some cards and books for loved ones.

Best Buy

Got a tech person in your family? Best Buy will have their doors open!

Toys 'R' Us

Know of a charity that still is taking toys? Toys R Us will be open on Christmas Eve!


You might think Lowe's is a store to go to when you have something to fix, but that doesn't mean you can't find Christmas presents there. There's something for the HGTV lover here that you can get on Christmas Eve!

Bed, Bath, And Beyond

Everyone's favorite store for bed and bath necessities will be open on Christmas Eve. Check in with your local store for closing times!

The Game Stop

If you totally forgot your younger sibling had a certain video game on their list, no worries. There's an associate at a Game Stop by you to help locate video game gold.

Old Navy

Need matching Christmas sweaters? Old Navy will keep their doors open until Christmas Eve ... evening.


Re-thinking your Christmas Day outfit and not certain those clothes you asked for are being dropped off by Santa? Take control of your wardrobe with a trip to the GAP on Christmas Eve.

Whole Foods

Whether you need to put together a few Whole Foods Wellness products together for a family friend's present this year or need last minute ingredients, Whole Foods will be open until 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve.


If you just need to get out of the house and find yourself in the Costco parking lot with a craving for their bakery products, you'll have until 6PM to indulge in *light* Christmas Eve snacking. Call your local Costco for specific hours as they may vary by location.

Home Depot

Know someone who ~lives~ for home improvement projects? Jingle all the way into Home Depot stores on Christmas Eve to pick up a gift card.

Happy Holidays!