This Is Exactly When You Can Buy Kim's KKW Beauty Contour Kits

If you are a beauty obsessive, contour like a champ, constantly seek new products to achieve facial definition through shadows and light, and love the makeup looks of Kim Kardashian West or any of the KarJenners, well, you have a date with the Internet, thank to Kim's newly launching KKW Beauty, on Wednesday, Jun. 21. The reality star is debuting her soon-to-be beauty empire on that day, kicking off with four cream contour kits for women of different skin tones and featuring a dual-ended applicator with a brush and a sponge and two dual-ended cream contour sticks in matte and shimmer textures. What time do you need to get online to shop the KKW Creme Contour & Highlight Kits?

You need to program a reminder in your mobile phone, scribble on your print calendar, or make a note via whichever device you prefer so you can remember to hop online at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on Jun. 21 and purchase whichever kit shade suits your personal skin tone.

The Creme Contour & Highlight kits are $48 a piece, as well.

You can take a gander at the swatches below. If anyone knows how to contour on Olympic gold medal levels, it's Kim. Therefore, it makes sense that she would launch her line with a product that is her signature.

You have all the tools with which to create definition, lines, and angles.

Yes, smoky eyes, larger-than-life lashes, and glossy nude lips are also Kardashian's go-to looks. But she is one of the key people who made contouring a "thing."

Bonus! Kardashian shared her tips for using her contouring kits.

You get multi-tasking tools in the millennial pink hue.

Here are the contents of Kim's Kits.

Jun. 21 will be here before you know it. Since this is Kim K.'s first beauty launch, it's going to be met with massive mania. It's likely going to sell out super fast, as well.

So I recommend hopping online 15 minutes before the launch. Close out all other browsers and distractions, if you are able to do so responsibly. Don't shirk work duties or any other responsibilities.

If you can put things aside or have someone cover for you temporarily, great. Open your browser to the KKW Beauty site, which is its sales platform, and have your credit card ready. Know which shade you want in advance.

Be patient, since the site is bound to be flooded by shoppers the minute the launch is live. Once you gain access, grab your kit, drop it in your cart, and check out.

Oh, and ICYMI, Kim Kardashian is also dropping a new fragrance later this year.