What To Bring To Your Friendsgiving Potluck If You’re Totally Out Of Ideas

by Kaitlyn Wylde
A Farm Girl's Dabbles

While your family's Thanksgiving dinner might be all about tradition and following the rules, one of the best things about your Friendsgiving get together is that you can make whatever you want. The low-key get together is a great time to test out new recipes, experiment with new traditions, and have fun with cooking. So there's no need to stress over what to bring to Friendsgiving 2017 — anything you bring will be appreciated, because it's the thought that counts here. Though honestly, my friends are Food Network fanatics, so a can of yams and a bag of jet-puffed marshmallows won't get my any brownie points, I'll have to put a little bit more than thought into my dish.

If your friends are the same way, and if you want to stay within the Thanksgiving theme, without remaking your mother's boring green bean casserole, I've put together a few recipes that are totally on theme, but remixed just enough to be your own thing. Friendsgiving has no real rules, it's all about sharing your favorite dishes with your favorite people and it's totally your right to go rogue and breathe some new life into the holiday. So go off book, get your inner Food Network star on, and try out some of these extra Friendsgiving Day recipes for your get together:

Pumpkin Soup

Averie Cooks

This vegetarian appetizer is easy to make in bulk, and literally only takes 30 minutes. You can add as many spices and garnishes as you please, making this a fall staple dish worth mastering. Check out the recipe on Averie Cooks.

Baked Cheese App

A Cozy Kitchen

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the starter apps that you can nosh on while you wait for the main event. This baked brie dip with walnuts and figs is so rich and so sweet and so satisfying. Check out the easy peasy recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

Apple Cider Cheddar Bread

A Cozy Kitchen

Uh yeah, that's a thing and you're going to want to bake it. It sounds a lot harder than it is, too. This loaf will be a big hit at the table. And the best part is that it pairs perfectly with a variety of Thanksgiving dishes. It's a seriously extra table bread. Check out the recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

Roasted Veggies

Big Girls Small Kitchen

Veggies don't have to be the most boring dish on the table. Roast them and dress them with a sweet and tangy pomegranate vinaigrette and they become the perfect, most colorful side. Check out the simple recipe at Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Slow Cooker Stuffing

A Spicy Perspective

Stuffing can be a pain in the butt to make, but throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker and it literally becomes mindless (and delicious). Check out the recipe on A Spicy Perspective.

Raspberry Cranberry Sauce

A Spicy Perspective

This is not your mother's boring cranberry sauce. It's sweeter, it's more dynamic, and you can spread it on more than your turkey. Check out the recipe on A Spicy Perspective.

Extra Brussels Sprouts

A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

Get your greens with a healthy dose of pork flavoring. These brussels sprouts are seriously next level. They're crunchy, they're soft, they're salty, and they're so good. Check out the recipe on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Sweet Potato Casserole

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Marshmallow never looked so chic. This totally traditional sweet potato dish looks a lot classier than it is. When in doubt, make extra. This will go fast. Check out the easy recipe on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Extra Green Bean Casserole

A Farm Girl's Dabbles

I used to dread my family's green bean dish. It was so boring and slimy, I looked forward to being an adult for the sole purpose of having the option not to have that dish on my Thanksgiving table. This is not your average green bean casserole. It's beyond extra. Bacon. Fried shallots. OMG. Check out the recipe on A Farm Girl's Dabbles.

Harvest Salad

A Farm Girl's Dabbles

Salad does not need to be a boring mix of greens. This harvest salad has so many flavors, colors, and textures. It's got squash, maple pecans, goat cheese, and so much more. And yes, it's super filling. Check out the recipe on A Farm Girl's Dabbles.

Pumpkin Latté Ice Cream

Baked by Rachel

Yes, this is a real thing. And yes, you will totally win dessert if you bring this dish. It's the perfect end to a hearty Thanksgiving meal, plus a caffeinated pick-me-up. Check out the recipe on Baked by Rachel.

Vegan Maple Pumpkin Ice Cream

Baked by Rachel

If you really want to win the dessert game, bring a dessert that everyone can eat. This dairy-free, sweet treat is so good, people won't even believe it's vegan. Check out the recipe on Baked by Rachel.