What To Get Your Dad On Father’s Day 2018, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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In case you don't already have an alert on your calendar, heads up: Father's Day 2018 is quickly approaching. This year, it will fall on Sunday, Jun. 17. So don't worry, you have plenty of time to put a little thought into dad's present. If you're completely stuck on where to start even imagining what your dad might like, though — that's not another pair of socks or golf clubs, that is — just look to the stars, because you might be able to figure out what to get dad on Father's Day 2018 based on his zodiac sign.

For instance: A dad whose zodiac sign is Cancer might be into movie tickets, but on the other end of the zodiac, a Sagittarius dad could be way more stoked to receive an shiny new accessory to accompany him on adventures. Knowing your dad's zodiac sign is a sure way to pinpoint something he'll totally cherish. Gift giving is all about being thoughtful, and being thoughtful is all about knowing the little details. Like your dad's birthday.

No dad is the same so go beyond socks, ties, and golf-related items. There are plenty of products on the market that will warm dad's heart, so in this case it's not a bad idea to reach for the stars.


Lonely Planet Global Coffee Tour



With an Aries for a father, you likely always have a trip planned with him. The first sign of the zodiac is a natural born leader, so it's no surprise that the Aries dad aims to lead his family on the most memorable trips from the ski slopes to Six Flags. Inspire dad's next trip with a coffee-inspired travel book.


Steaks On A Plate Crate


Man Crates

If your kitchen was blessed with a Taurus dad, you're most likely a foodie. All his creativity over the stove has inspired you to take avocado toast to new heights. And because dad has given you all the necessary ~tools~ to achieve an Instagram worthy #desklunch, give him a few back.


Yankees Tickets



The Gemini person in general is a fan of variety. Anything that brings in some sort of ~change~ will entertain dad. This type of dad was never boring, so why should his presents be? Get your dad an experience he can't exchange once he grows tire of it. A ticket to a baseball game is bound to hold his attention inning after inning.


Personalized Cutting Board


Uncommon Goods

This is the kind of dad you can always count on. Being home, with family, is where the Cancer dad flourishes. Because you were so lucky to have a dad with this zodiac sign, you know all about compassion. Show your appreciation with customization. Stamping the family name on a household item might just make dad shed a tear.


Funny Mug from Most Toasty Goods



The lively Leo father made growing up an ongoing comedy show. It's likely that this dad kept you laughing through it all. Maybe even if your first, real grown up heartbreak. Continue the laughs with a funny gift.


VLES Designs Go Bag


VLES Designs

Dad always kept you safe when you were a kid, and now, you can return the favor. A go bag will make sure that — in case of emergency — all the necessities are on your back. From a flashlight to water tablets, this bag is stocked. And it's organized into satisfying compartments which we know the efficient Virgo dad is all about.


Do Good Hammock


Uncommon Goods

The Libra dad always showers his family with kindness. Being all about balance, things always seem pretty much fair with him. As you've seen dad ~balance~ home life and work life, gracefully, give him a gift he can relax into. A hammock will help him continue to achieve this work/life balance zen.





There's no doubt that you were shown a lot of love if you have a Scorpio dad. Teach your pops a thing or two about self love with a subscription to a Birchbox.


Herschel Supply Co. Novel Weekender Duffle Bag


Urban Outfiters

Sagittarius are all about adventure. It's probably safe to assume that the walls at your parents' house is a gallery of all the trips the family has been on, with your dad having curated the most adventurous. Keep your dad stylish with a quality weekender bag that will inspire him to continue the adventure.





If your dad is a Capricorn, it's likely that he works hard. He's always prompt and on the early train for work. And when he coached your little league soccer team, he made you feel like you guys were bound for the World Cup. Gifting him a game board is a good way to satisfy his hard working side while also bringing the whole family together for quality hang time.


Super Dad Recovery Kit



The Aquarius dad is all about making the world a better place. Fixing things. Mending what's broken. Offering wise words to our broken hearts and dreams. You could get him a toolkit but it's probably best to fix your dad up with a Super Dad Recovery Kit.


Avocado Tree Starter Kit


Uncommon Goods

A Pisces dad is creative and in tune with his kids. But you already knew that. Give your dad something to care for — especially if you've moved out. It takes a lot of love to grow a tree and the Pisces dad will be the perfect plant parent.