What To Put In Easter Eggs For Adults That They'll Actually Love Opening

Who says Easter eggs are only appropriate for kids? Even if you're beyond the age of actually looking for them in your backyard and taking pictures with giant, mildly-unsettling rabbits, it it always nice to receive some goodies. Plus, Easter lines up pretty nicely with the beginning of spring making it the perfect occasion to take advantage of all the season's new festive floral offerings. Forget wind-up toys and drugstore marshmallow sweets — get a little more creative with ideas for what to put in Easter eggs for adults. If you're on a budget, you can always tuck a few coins or even a little poem into the fluorescent plastic case. It's the mystery that makes it fun.

Having an Easter egg hunt for adults is more than just a kitschy idea, but one that really helps bring people together. Since a lot of people in the millennial generation are celebrating Easter away from their families, but might not yet have families of their own, organizing a silly egg hunt is the perfect way to get everyone in the spirit without feeling like they've missed out on a beloved tradition. And luckily, you have all kinds of options at your disposal for how to personalize the eggs that you put in your hunt. While most of them are probably fine filled with some good old-fashioned (packaged!) candy, you can always fill a few special ones with little surprises. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Tip Toe Lapel Pin

Tip Toe Lapel Pin, $7.00, Stay Home Club Official

A cute pitter-pattering kitty pin is the perfect accessory for any jacket, backpack, or purse.

2. Mini Floral Tattoos

Mini Temporary Floral Tattoos, $5.90, Etsy

Getting inked is a big (and expensive) commitment if you're flirting with a floral tat, use a smaller temporary one to help make up your mind. These delicate little ones are sophisticated, fun, and perfect for spring.

3. Easter Lip Balm

Bunny Poop Lip Balm, $4.00, Etsy

Want to guess the secret ingredient in this goodie? Surprise! It's not actually bunny poop. But, this lip balm is hand made, free of phthalates, and comes in your choice of over 15 different flavors (including lemon poundcake and lavender cocoa).

4. Sassy Floral Crew Socks


Stop Talking W-Crew Socks, $9.99, Blue Q

If the recipient of your egg isn't so into sweet nothings and cutesy couture, these socks are a perfect mix of blunt and botanical.

5. Easter Earrings

Bunny and Chick studs, $17.00, Etsy

If you are not a big fan of the sparkly sugar-covered monstrosities known as Peeps, but appreciate their whimsy (I am definitely speaking for myself here), snag a pair of these super cute earrings.

6. Peep Scented Nail Stickers

Peep Scented Nail Stickers, $5.95, Paper Source

If you've been on the explore section of Instagram lately, you know just how trendy nail art is. You will also know most of the most outrageous art is done by professionals with loads of skill and equipment. If you're looking to sport something a little more festive but maybe not ~too~ outrageous, these babies are just the thing.

7. Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, $7.95, Lush

Imagine opening a flimsy plastic egg only to reveal another golden egg. It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in real life (only with an egg instead of a ticket). The olive oil-based bath melt contains bergamot and wild orange oils, gold luster, and smells of toffee.

8. Easter Spring Perfume Oil

Easter Spring - Perfume Oil Roll On, $6.75, Etsy

When it comes to looking good, less is more. This goes double for perfume. Opt for something essential oil-based for a more natural arom. This one is free of phthalates and parabans, vegan, and comes in your choice of 12 different scents.

9. Robin's Egg Caramels


Robin's Egg Caramels, $7.95, Sugarfina

Finally, you have to put a little something sugary in an adult Easter egg. these caramel robin's eggs are the work of boutique confectioners Sugarfina (you may have friend their cocktail-themed gummies). Not only are these little treats pretty, they're a delicious alternative to the old staple malted milk robins' eggs.