The Trending Baby Name That Will ~Speak To You~ Based On Your Sign

If you're anything like me, you've been picking out baby names since you were a kid, simply because it's fun to do. We didn't get to pick our own names, so in naming dolls, pets, and fantasy future children, there was a lot of fun to be had. Besides, you always needed four names on hand just in order to play a game of M.A.S.H. — hoping of course for a mansion, daughter named Olivia, a convertible, a pet puppy, and a husband named Jonathan Taylor Thomas. When the U.K. blog Emma's Diary released their 2018 popular baby name predictions based on a survey they sent out to 3,500 expectant mothers, chances are you saw a few names that were on your dream baby name list, too.

The top names are made up of a combination of royals, celebrities, biblical throwbacks, and classics. Maybe not so surprising, the top name for a girl was listed as Olivia, and the top name for a boy was listed as Harry. Considering the fact that over 20 years ago I was naming dolls Olivia, it's likely that the name isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The 2018 baby name list has 20 names for girls and 20 names for boys, so unless you're planning on having a litter, you'll have to pick and choose to find the few perfect names that work for you and your family. For a little bit of cosmic help, you might want to consider using your astrological sign as a guide. Here are your best baby name matches, based on your zodiac sign, because when in doubt, look to the stars:


Aries, it's in your nature to strive for excellence and adventure. When it comes to naming your child, you'll want a name that stands out, that's bold, shiny, and lets people know that your kid is going to achieve greatness. Consider Max, "for maximum greatness," and consider Ruby, for the durable, strong, red gemstone.


You are ruled by your heart and known for your ability to love fiercely and be a good friend. Pass that trait onto your children by giving them a name that means something similar. Consider Oscar, for "friend," or Freya, for "the Goddess of Love".


You like you grab life by the scruff of the neck, you're witty, you're sharp, you like to take risks and you love things that have dynamic meanings, because you're incredibly dynamic yourself. Consider Archie, for "strength and boldness," and consider Olivia, for "peaceful" and "liveliness".


You're a private person, and your inspired by history. Biblical, older names call to you in particular — so consider Noah, for Noah's Ark, and consider Elsie, for "an oath to God".


You like to be the center of attention and thrive in the spotlight — you are Leo, the fierce lion! Consider Leo, for obvious reasons, and consider Evelyn, for "the desirable one".


You're an overachiever, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Set your kids up for a life of success and being called on first, by giving them names that start with As — names like Alfie and Alice.


You're a peacemaker, you like balance, and you're happiest when things seem fair and just. Give your kids names that reflect those qualities. Consider Freddie, for "a peaceful ruler," and consider Grace, for graciousness.


You are determined, ambitious, and confident. Give your children a name that will let people know they have that quiet power, too. Consider Henry, for "ruler," and consider Charlotte, for "a strong warrior".


You're a free spirit. You love to travel, you love to expand your mind, and you are constantly learning. Give your kids a name that helps them to start off life with a similar zest. Consider Teddy, for "fortunate," and consider Isla, for island travel.


You are goal-oriented, future-minded, and a ruler of your own world. Give your children names that will help them strive for the same things and believe in themselves. Consider Theo, for "a gift from God," and consider Florence, for "prosperous".


You are honest, loyal, and live your life to the moral max every day. Give your children the inspiration to live their best life by giving them names that celebrate life itself. Consider Oliver, for "a peaceful, full life," and consider Ava, for the same meaning.


Being a good friend has always come easy to you. You are naturally compassionate, and deeply intuitive which makes you a great partner, as well. Consider Logan, for "openness," and consider Aria, for "melody," as both names represent social qualities.