7 Cute Period Panties That Help Prevent Leaks

Let's face it, your period can be a really stressful time, and accidentally ruining your favorite underwear only makes things worse. Luckily, when it comes to the best underwear to wear during your period, many pairs are comfortable, functional, and actually cute. Because there's no reason that you should have to fidget with a wedgie or worry about staining your clothes in the name of cute undies.

Wouldn't it be great if there was just like, you know, a pair of leakproof period panties that you could easily stash a heating pad in to help you deal with crampy days? Well, it turns out, there actually is! If you have a heavy period and are concerned with leaks, or if your cramps get so bad that it's hard to even get up for the day, there are underwear out there that address both of these problem.

Period panties are made from absorbent materials that help prevent leaks from making their way through. You can even find panties that have pockets where you can store your tampons or pads, which makes them super accessible when you're already in the bathroom by the time you realize you need a fresh one.

These seven underwear are all designed to help make that special time of the month a little bit simpler.


Ease Cramps With These Leakproof Undies That Have A Pocket For A Heating Pad

Intimate Portal Woman Secret Agent Leak Proof - 2 Pack, (Sizes XXS-M), $15, Amazon

Some days your cramps can make you feel like you can't even get out of bed. When that happens, try wearing a pair of these pretty leakproof panties with a front pocket that's big enough to hold a small heating pad, which can help to reduce the pain caused by cramps during your period. Because they're leakproof, they provide great backup to a tampon.


These Lace Hipsters That Keep Stains At Bay

Anigan StainFree Menstrual Panties (Sizes S-L), $15, Amazon

Finding lace undies that you can actually wear during your period is no easy task. The open weave of most pairs makes it almost unavoidable that you'll wind up with a leak. But these lace menstrual panties feature special leakproof protection, so you can wear cute undies with tampons and not have to worry about staining your clothes. On lighter days, these can even be worn alone.


A Pair Of Comfortable Plus Size Leakproof Briefs

Intimate Portal Total Leak Proof Protective Briefs (Sizes L-XXXXXXL), $15, Amazon

These plus size period panties have both frontal and full rear leakproof protection, so if there is any overflow from your pad or tampon, you don't have to worry about staining your clothes or sheets. These panties aren't made to replace your pad or tampon, but are intended to prevent leaks from reaching your clothes. They are available in a wide range of colors and can also be purchased in packs of three.


These Breathable Bamboo Undies With A Secret Pocket For Tampons And Pads

Bamboo Fiber And Cotton Brief Menstrual Period Panty With Hidden Front Pocket - 3 Pack, (Sizes S-M), $27, Amazon

Having your period can make you feel hot, but these bamboo period underwear are incredibly breathable, which helps to keep you cool. They also feature a front hidden pocket to store tampons or pads in. One user said, "Last night I tried the period panties for the first time. I bled through the tampon and onto the period panties, but I didn't have one drop of leakage."


Panties That Offer Comfort And Peace Of Mind

YOYI FASHION Menstrual Period Briefs Multipack (Sizes XXS-XL), $9-$26, Amazon

These period briefs have an inner leakproof lining that extends all the way up the front and back. They're made from silky, comfortable material and feature a lovely floral pattern. These cute undies come in several colors as well as two packs, three packs, or four packs. Get extra protection from leaks while feeling comfortable and looking cute.


These Colorful Leakproof Undies That Include A Nude Option

Sept. Filles Invisible Panties Cycles-Period Leakproof - 5 Pack (Sizes 4-8), $28, Amazon

This colorful pack of five leakproof period panties includes a nude pair, so you can wear white pants during your period without worrying about leaks or everyone seeing your underwear through your pants. You can also store your pads or tampons in the front pocket of these so you don't have to carry anything to the bathroom with you.


Seamless Undies That Won't Create Panty Lines

NatraTouch WorryFree Seamless Hipster Period Panty (Sizes M-L), $10-$27, Amazon

If you want to keep your panty line hidden while preventing against leaks during your period, opt for a pair of seamless period panties. These are also tagless, so you don't have to worry about adding itchiness to your list of period-related stressors! You can purchase them as single pairs or as a pack of three.

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