This Zodiac Sign Is Most Prone To Technology Glitches During This Month’s Mercury Retrograde

by Brittany Bennett
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There are general rules to follow when the cosmos are chaotic — or, when Mercury goes retrograde. Astrologers draw up a list of dos and do nots for the entire zodiac to live by. But not every Mercury retrograde is created equal and not every sign experiences the same hiccups. So, you might want to know what Virgo zodiac signs should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde in summer 2019 specifically.

Mercury has been retrograde since Jul. 7 (I'm sure, like me, you've noticed) and will be so until Jul. 31. That's three weeks of general technology errors and communication misunderstandings. Mercury, the planet of communication, is your ruling planet. This means, you might feel its effects a bit more sharply than the other sun signs. (Don't worry, you're not alone. Gemini too can commiserate as the twins share your ruling planet.)

What makes this Mercury retrograde so interesting — and intense — is that two eclipses that occur in July. Eclipses bring in a wave of change. They ask us to let go and open up to a new way of doing and seeing things. There's a lot of momentum from eclipses, but Mercury is all, "excuse me, your personal revelations and motivation to move forward are so great but I'm going to need you to sloooow down." Mercury retrograde is all about taking a break, even if you don't want to. General rule: don't resist, do go with the flow.

But this is all about how Mercury retrograde summer 2019 affects you, Virgo. "As a Virgo, you will probably be spending more time alone than usual, when you might start thinking about the groups of people you belong to (your book club, artist group, workout buddies, etc.)," senior astrologer at and, Narayana Montufar, tells Bustle.

"Mercury will first back through Leo and your foggy twelfth house from July 7 to 19," the AstroTwins of AstroStyle wrote on their site. "The twelfth house is associated with right-brained activities: creativity, art, music and dance," the AstroTwins continued. You could be feeling especially nostalgic, and could pick up something creative that you used to love doing. During this time, that could be meditative and productive.

When Mercury enters Cancer, prepare to start feeling like your adult self again. "Since Cancer is a friendly sign to your Sun Sign in the zodiacal wheel, you can expect this retrograde to bring positive change in the long run," Montufar tells Bustle. Mercury retrograde isn't all that bad. There's a lot going on, Virgo. But by brushing up on a simple do and do not list, you'll finish out this transit feeling like your organized self.

Do: Give Yourself A Break

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You're an organized go-getter, Virgo. You're on top of it all, all of the time. You are a creator of systems. But during this Mercury retrograde, as it treads through your twelfth house, it will behoove you to put your computer to sleep. Set your away messages. "Your brain needs — and deserves — a break," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. If you feel like you're stalling, and so you start to get moody, pick up a book. A little summer reading could keep your mind engaged while also giving you a rest.

Don't: Force It

If you're not getting the results you want at the rate you want to achieve them at during Mercury's retrograde, take a deep breath. "You may be moody and forgetful, passive-aggressive or just checked-out. Don't force yourself to soldier through," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. It's OK to take a step back from a project. If you force your way through something, you're not going to be happy with the results. Take that mental breather.

Do: Spend Time With Yourself

It might do you some good to spend time with yourself. "When Mercury retrograde backs through Cancer from July 19 to 31, tension could spike with friends or in a group dynamic. You might decide to take a little break from a crew that's gotten cliquish or dramatic," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. If your social situations are infused with drama, take yourself out for a dinner. Feeding into the tension could cause an eruption that you'll have to apologize for later. A little distance could be considered self-care during this planetary transit.

Don't: Slack On Backing Up Your Hard Drive

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Yes, technology is at the mercy of Mercury when the planet is retrograde. All signs are advised to back up important documents. Virgo, you should definitely not slack on backing up your hard drive. "Mercury retrograde in Cancer could also bring a double dose of technology trouble or misfired signals online," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. Make sure all of your cherished pictures or projects are safely stored on an external hard drive.

Do: Pick Up An Old Project

You could be feeling particularly creative during Mercury retrograde summer 2019. Because Mercury retrograde is ideal for revisiting the past, this could be a good time to pick up an old knitting project. If you haven't painted in a while, do that. And if you used to love dancing but stopped when you grew up and got that internship, return to a class. Even though you're eager to move forward, returning to a creative project could prove to be meditative during this cosmically conflicting time.

Don't: Say Yes So Quickly

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You may open your e-mail one morning to find an extremely flattering offer. But proceed with caution. Though it may be tempting to respond, "YES, YES, ONE MILLION TIMES YES," it's better to step away from the keyboard and think for a second. "Wait out any big offers that arrive in the wake of the eclipse. You might see someone's true colors. If you're considering collaboration, you could road-test the chemistry in real time to see how you actually mesh," the AstroTwins wrote on AstroStyle. You're not saying no, you're just giving yourself time to gain clarity.

Do: Get Back To Work!

Mercury finally turns direct on Jul. 31. After three weeks of tip toeing around offers and hopefully resting, you'll get the green light to get back to work. If your friends missed you while you were taking time for yourself, catch up with them. This day also doubles as a new moon. As Mercury goes direct, you'll finally be able to ride that eclipse momentum forward and start your new beginning.