These Are The Vintage Athleisure Outfits Team USA Will Wear For The Olympic Closing Ceremony

Ralph Lauren

The 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony will be on Feb. 25, making it your last chance to see your favorite winter athletes until Beijing in 2022. Because of this, you can expect it to be quite the spectacle, filled with performances, music, and a last march with all the world's Olympians. But it's not like these world-renowned athletes will wear the same outfits they came into at the Opening Ceremony. You can expect to see fresh new looks during the event, and if you can't wait until Sunday to see what the likes of Adam Rippon and Chloe Kim will be wearing, then we have you covered. What will Team USA wear to the Closing Ceremony? Ralph Lauren was again tasked with designing the outfits, but they will be a little less cabin-inspired and a little more sporty than the Opening Ceremony version he created.

To recap, Ralph Lauren was also tasked with creating the Opening Ceremony outfits, and while they had a heavy sports aesthetic to them, they also had an "Americana" vibe. When you think of the words "Ralph Lauren," there are some iconic details that come to mind that are synonymous with the brand: Warm knits, dark plaids, true-blue denim, camel suede, and soft cashmere are just a few buzz words. And the Opening Ceremony outfits had a lot of those elements incorporated into the look.

Ralph Lauren

While Lauren created puffy winter jackets with heat technology that kept the athletes warm for up to 11 hours (very high tech), he also outfitted them in patchwork jeans, Icelandic knit sweaters, and suede, fringed gloves. The mood was very, "Today, I compete for the gold medal. Tomorrow, I drink hot chocolate in Aspen."

For the Closing Ceremony, the outfits are going to be a little less flashy. Going again with an "All-American style," the designer decided to give them a different vibe than their Opening Ceremony counterparts by making them vintage influenced. When looking at the completed looks, you get get hints of '90s or '80s sports aesthetic. The athletes will be dressed up in white puffy bomber jackets, with crew neck sweaters underneath that are color blocked with red, white, and blue. They will be paired with navy track pants with opposing red and white stripes down the sides of the legs, as well as knit beanies and American flag bandannas.

Ralph Lauren

Some of these Closing Ceremony pieces are on sale at, so you can get an idea of the quality and feel of the separate pieces, as well as what kind of designer prices are attached to official Olympic swag. Check them out below:

1. Color Blocked Crew Neck Sweater

Team USA Ceremony Wool Sweater, $495, Ralph Lauren

Buying Ralph Lauren doesn't come cheap, even if all you're trying to nab is a simple sweater. This crew neck Closing Ceremony sweater — the same one that Olympic ice dancers Alex and Maia Shibutani are wearing — will set you back nearly $500.

2. Knit Hat

Team USA Closing Ceremony Hat, $195, Ralph Lauren

The Closing Ceremony beanie is a fun hodge-podge of tassels, American flags, logos, and designs. Clocking in at $195, the 100% wool hat comes with a designer price. It's sold out though, so you might have to peek at eBay if you want to add it to your wardrobe.

3. Closing Ceremony Mittens

Team USA Ceremony Mittens, $135, Ralph Lauren

Replacing the fringed, suede gloves of the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony is going to feature knit mittens that match the athletes' wool beanies. Rocking the same design, they can also be a fan's winter accessory for a mere $135. (Do not lose these on the bus or else you'll end up kicking yourself.)

You can nab these pieces for yourself and wear them while you watch the Closing Ceremony. You'll be just as stylish as Team USA.