Here’s What You Should Ask For This Xmas, Based On Your Sign

By this point you've likely already made your list and have already checked it twice. Maybe not, though — if you're a serial procrastinator like I am or if you just like to poke around and do a little bit of online holiday browsing, you may not have! And that's cool, too. Whatever phase you're in for this year's holiday gift season, if you're looking to find a little gift-giving inspo, then look no further — this is the list to turn to if you need to find what you want or didn't even know you wanted for the holidays — and it's all based on your sign.

There are a few reasons figuring out what you want for the holidays based on your sign works, but the biggest is that every sign has different interests and desires. Since people of the same sign have overlapping qualities, going off your sign is a quickfire way to find something you're probably going to like. And, whether you're self gifting or gifting on to others, there's plenty of ideas out there. For instance, maybe for the type A Taurus in your life, a neck and shoulder massage coupon will do the trick. Or for the home decor-loving Libra, a couple of nice votives will do the trick. Interested? Read on for few gift ideas based on each month of the zodiac to help get you in the holiday spirit (and tell people what to get you this season).

Aries (March 21—April 19):

I'm loving the beautiful aqua tones on offer for the Aries in your astrological life. While the price points vary somewhat significantly, each piece — from the Kate Spade bangle to the hand-stamped coffee spoon — is a thoughtful gift idea, no matter what.

Bling Jewelry Simulated Aquamarine March Birthstone Cz Round S, $25, BLUEFLY.COM | No 13 - Aries Zodiac Constellation Bracelet Yellow Gold & Diamond, $395, WOLFANDBADGER.COM | Aries Zodiac Constellation Hand Stamped Coffee Spoon Astrology, $16, ETSY.COM | Kate Spade In The Stars Aries Bangle, $58, KATESPADE.COM | Jane Foster Aries Zodiac Mug, $19, TROUVA.COM

Taurus (April 20—May 20):

Fiery, stubborn beautiful Taurus. (I can say those things because I am a Taurus, for the record.) As a Taurus, I'm loving this array of super fun rose gold inspired gift options. The notebook is not only super cute with the silver bull on the front, but the rose gold Taurus ring is so stunning and unique, it's sure to win over any Taurus.

Lady Jayne Ltd. Taurus Hinged Note Box & Pen Set, $7.49, ZULILY.COM | Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Taurus Zodiac Sign Pendant, $21, BLUEFLY.COM | Johnny Loves Rosie Sterling Silver Zodiac Taurus Necklace, $25, SILKFRED.COM | Taurus the Bull Birth Sign a6 Notebook Pocket Size Ideal Astro, $20, ETSY.COM | 14kt rose gold diamond taurus ring, $539, POPMAP.COM

Gemini (May 21—June 20):

All of these are under $40, so you could even mix and match to make a nice little gift set out of these! Either way, from the adorable Pre de Provence Gemini soap box to the BoxLunch Earring Set, anything is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Pré de Provence Gemini Zodiac Shea Butter Soap, $7.99, SAKSOFF5TH.COM | Her Gemini Necklace Personalized Gift Astrology Jewelry June G, $36, ETSY.COM | Lady Jayne Ltd. Gemini Hinged Note Box & Pen Set, $7.49, ZULILY.COM | Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Gemini Zodiac Sign Pendant, $17, BLUEFLY.COM | Gemini Earring Set, $15, BOXLUNCH.COM

Cancer (June 21—July 22):

Cancer is about three main elements: water, moon, and crabs. That's why each of these gifts are perfect combination of all those things that make a Cancer who they are. First of all, I kind of wish I was a Cancer, because I'm totally feeling these pearl and gold drop earrings from Bluefly. Stunning.

Atlantide Pearl And Crab's Pincer Long Earrings, $85, BLUEFLY.COM | Cancer Zodiac Gift Cancer Constellation Zodiac Jewelry Cancer, $16, ETSY.COM | Cancer" Velvet Notebook, $8.47, NYANDCOMPANY.COM | Lady Jayne Ltd. Cancer Hinged Note Box & Pen Set, $7.49, ZULILY.COM | Gemstone bracelet Cancer zodiac Zodiac bracelet Cancer zodiac, $21, ETSY.COM

Leo (July 23—August 22):

Gotta love Leos. They're typically known to be fierce, natural born leaders with big hearts and bold personalities, which is why their symbol, the lion, is the perfect embodiment of this sign. So why not embrace your inner lion with one of these beautiful pieces? My personal faves are the BaubleBar Crystal Lion Head Ring and vintage Leo Sweatshirt by Nordstrom.

Leo" Velvet Notebook, $8.47, NYANDCOMPANY.COM | Women's Good American Horoscope Sweatshirt, $149, NORDSTROM.COM | Red Statement Necklace | Lion Necklace from Manic Trout Jewel, $75, MANICTROUT.COM | BaubleBar Crystal Lion Head Ring, $48, BAUBLEBAR.COM | Kate Spade In The Stars Leo Bangle, $58, KATESPADE.COM

Virgo (August 23—September 22):

Even if you're not a Virgo, I'm pretty sure you're going to be as obsessed with these pieces as I am.

Anthropologie Zodiac Charm, $15, ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM | Laboratorio Paravicini Virgo Dessert Plate, $65, ARTEMEST.COM | Soothi Stationery Virgo Zodiac Handmade Leather Journal, $22, ZULILY.COM | Chrysalis Gold-tone Virgo Expandable Bangle Bracelet, $36, BILLYTHETREE.COM | NCLA What's Your Sign? Virgo Lacquer, $18, REVOLVE.COM | Silver Spoon Attire Virgo star sign badge, $25, FARFETCH.COM

Libra (September 23—October 22):

When it comes to balanced and easy going Libra, its never hard to find the perfect gift. All of these are under $25, so again, you can choose to mix and match, or pick a couple of your faves.

Zodiac Sign Christmas Ornament Stars Astrology Gift Libra, $18, ETSY.COM | Johnny Loves Rosie Sterling Silver Zodiac Libra Necklace, $25, SILKFRED.COM | Demetria Chappo Zodiac Trinket Dish, $14, ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM | Sparrow & Wren Zodiac Mug - 100% Exclusive, $11, BLOOMINGDALES.COM | Stainless Steel Libra Judicial Lawyer Scales of Justice Cufflinks, $21, BLINGJEWELRY.COM

Scorpio (October 23—November 21):

Sensual and seductive, passionate and brave, Scorpio's are kind of all over the place — which is why it's good to have options when finding the perfect Scorpio inspired gift. I'm dying for these Scorpion Stud Earrings by Lord And Taylor, as well as this adorable Vintage Peanuts T-Shirt by

Carla De La Cruz Jewelry Scorpio Necklace Turquoise, $95, FAB.COM | Scorpio Constellation Typography Print, PINTEREST.COM | Scorpio T Shirt In White, $53, TROUVA.COM | Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Scorpion Stud Earrings, $49, LORDANDTAYLOR.COM | NCLA What's Your Sign? Scorpio Lacquer, $18 REVOLVE.COM

Sagittarius (November 22—December 21):

Generous, idealistic, and fiery, Sagittarius are reputed to be tough to please. This sign is ruled by the symbol of the archer, and I'm loving all the archer-inspired jewelry options here.

Anthropologie Hammered Zodiac Trinket Dish, $12, ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM | Zodiac Sagittarius - iPhone 7 Case And Cover, $35, CASETIFY.COM | Amanda Wakeley Sagittarius Zodiac Scarf, $245, ORCHARDMILE.COM | Gold Vermeil Cupids Arrow 925 Silver Stackable Thin Ring, $21 BLINGJEWELRY.COM | Topshop November Birthstone Choker Necklace, $5.61, TOPSHOP | 925 Sterling Silver Dangling Cupid Arrow Drop Leverback Earrings, $21, BLINGJEWELRY.COM

Capricorn (December 22—January 19):

Responsible all-knowing Capricorns will definitely love anything to help keep them organized which is why this pretty faux-leather notebook from Macy's is sure to do the trick.

Celebrate Shop Zodiac Faux-Leather Notebook, $8.99, MACYS.COM | Mini Goat with Heart necklace-Vegan Necklace-Vegan Jewelry-Gif, $14, ETSY.COM | Capricorn Personalized Zodiac Ring, $10, ETSY.COM | Capricorn Zodiac Constellation 15" Tote Bag Makes a Great Gift, $30, ETSY.COM | Capricorn Horoscope Candle, Star Sign Candle. Horoscope Candle, $6.77, ETSY.COM | Steampunk Zodiac Capricorn pendant, Capricorn necklace, Capric, $9.50, ETSY.COM

Aquarius (January 20—February 18):

Aquarius is that sign in the zodiac that's best known for always thinking of others. So let's think of them for a change with one of these super cute sign-inspired gifts.

Amanda Wakeley Aquarius Zodiac Scarf, $245, Orchard Mile | Aquarius Earring Set, $15, BoxLunch | Fashion Horoscope 10 birthday gifts for Aquarius woman, SWIDE.COM | Aquarius fine porcelain mug, $26 PAPERCHASE.CO.UK | NCLA What's Your Sign? Aquarius Lacquer, $18, REVOLVE.COM | Zodiac Sign Christmas Ornament Stars Astrology Gift Aquarius, $18 ETSY.COM

Pisces (February 19—March 20):

Last but certainly not least, we have the Pisces. This water sign is known to be more intuitive and empathetic than the others, which is represented in the delicacy of each of these gifts.

Anthropologie Zodiac Ornament, $20, Anthropologie | Astronomy, Vintage print, Stars, Constellation of the Pisces, $9.74, Etsy | Bling Jewelry Fish And Hooks Nautical Catch 925 Sterling Silver, $60, Bluefly | Jane Foster Pisces Zodiac Mug, $19, Trouva | Kate Spade In The Stars Pisces Bangle, $58, Kate Spade