What Your Fave After School Show Says About You

by Mary Kate McGrath

When I was in high school, I had a ritual. I would arrive home at 3:30 pm, kick off my Converse, grab a bag of popcorn, and settle in on my family's lumpy green couch. Then, I watched one or two episodes of whatever show was playing on basic cable. The after school slot was a prime hour for TV watching, and no matter what mood I was in, the perfect show was always on. Full House, Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince, That '70s Show — there was no lack of variety. These shows became a mainstay of teen culture, and I suspect most other people had similar afternoon watching habits. Yet while these TV series shared an airtime, each show had its own personality. Sure, all of these lazy afternoon specials were enjoyable, but everyone had their favorite, and no matter which show it was, your fave after school TV series says a lot about you.

Some of these after school classics were sitcoms while some were dramas, and a few had main protagonists, while many others featured ensemble casts. Even so, everyone had their go-to show, the series you watched reruns from over and over again without getting bored. If you have ever wondered why that particular show you loved was so hard to turn off after school, keep on reading.

'Gilmore Girls'


If you loved this show, you probably related to bookish Rory Gilmore in a big way. Unlike many other TV protagonists, Rory was shy, nerdy, and ambitious, and for school-loving gals everywhere, this made her a modern hero. This show probably appealed to your creative side, and if you watched it you probably aspired to a career in journalism, music, writing, filmmaking, or, much like Kirk, all of the above.

'That '70s Show'

This friendship comedy was definitely created for the teens dreaming of life beyond their hometown. Since the characters were living in rural Wisconsin, they were constantly looking ahead to life beyond high school. If you watched this show, you probably had a personality too big for quiet suburban or rural life, and shared these dreams with your pals.

'Boy Meets World'

This show has been an after school staple since the early 2000s, following Cory Matthews all the way from sixth grade through college. Whether they're drawn to the advice given by Mr. Feeny or Cory's epic relationship saga with Topanga, fans of this show are likely very thoughtful and social people. If you loved this show, you probably prioritize your friendships and romantic relationships.

'Hey Arnold!'

Beat it, football head! This Nicktoon was perfect for anyone who wanted characters that reflect middle school and high school growing pains. Gerald and Arnold were always working to fix any issues, so if you liked this show you are probably a problem solver and a mediator. However, if you watched this show for the legendary bully Helga, you might have trouble communicating your emotions.

'Full House'

This comedy was about family coming together, and anyone who knows that family life isn't always perfect probably enjoyed the Tanners' shenanigans. When sportscaster Danny Tanner gets two colorful new roommates, comedy ensued. If you loved Full House, you probably love stories about unexpected people bonding, and might have an interesting group of friends yourself. Let's be honest, though; most people who loved this show probably just had a huge crush on Uncle Jesse.

'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'

Sabrina Spellman's high school story was pretty standard; she started training to be a witch, lived with her equally magical aunts, and confided in her best friend, a talking cat named Salem Saberhagen. Wait, is that not what everyone goes through? Fans of this show probably related to Sabrina in that there was something different about them, and learned how important it was to learn to embrace these differences.

'Dexter's Laboratory'

Alright, Dexter was a bit of a know it all, so if you watched this show, you might be a true brainiac. However, Dexter always had to save the world, so do-gooders everywhere probably loved this show, too. If you wanted to be Dexter, it's likely you went on to pursue politics, social activism, or law. It's OK be a smarty-pants, as long as you use those powers for good.

'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'

This show had mass goofball appeal. For everyone who forgets that iconic theme song, Will Smith gets sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle. There, he creates lots of shenanigans at the expense of his rich extended family. This show was a funny social and cultural critique, and if you loved Fresh Prince, you probably have a sharp sense of humor as well.

This walk down after school memory lane is making me nostalgic, so I'm going to go revisit my fave. I always wanted to be a Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but deep in my soul I know I'm a Gilmore Girls. Start rewatching some episodes and find out if your fave is an accurate representation of you today, as well.