What Your Favorite 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Member Says About You

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

There are no filler cast members on Vanderpump Rules. Every single person on the show has something to bring to the table — that's why it's so hard to pick a favorite character. But, if you are able to make the decision, your favorite Vanderpump Rules character says a lot about you.

While the loyalties are constantly shifting on Pump Rules and the characters have evolved over the years, sometimes you just cannot help picking a favorite. Sure, your favorite might change from time to time, but if you watch the show getting vicariously offended when that cast member gets wronged and try to support them even their point of view doesn't make sense, you really are invested. There's no shame in that, though! Vanderpump Rules is a pop culture phenomena, so I don't blame you for being into it. I mean, I obviously am.

Do you find yourself rooting for Jax Taylor no matter what lies he has told in the past? Do you have a soft spot for Scheana Marie when she struggles to figure out where she belongs in her clique? Do you live for it when Stassi Schroeder throws out those violent insults? Do you love them all and have trouble choosing just one? Well, maybe this guide will help you figure out your preferences.

This is what your favorite Vanderpump Rules cast member says about you.

Jax Taylor


Just because Jax is your favorite character, that doesn't (necessarily) mean that you are a serial liar who once found out they were a sociopath using an online test. In my opinion, it indicates that you look for the best in people and root for everyone to come through no matter how much of a past they have.

Stassi Schroeder


If Stassi is your girl, not only do you appreciate someone who tells it like it is, but you are also entertained by acerbic (and sometimes violent) insults. You are all about exposing the truth and have no qualms doing extensive research to gather material to call out anyone who wronged you.

Scheana Marie Shay


If Scheana's life resonates with you, then you probably keep it real when it comes to sharing your feelings and insecurities. Scheana has never been afraid to admit that she feels left out and wants to be liked, so if she's your number one, then you must appreciate her realness.

Lisa Vanderpump


If LVP is your lady, you have no time for nonsense. You want things done the right way the first time. You demand the best from everyone and have no apologies for having high standards.

Katie Maloney


Now this is a tough one to address. During most of the show, Katie represented the epitome of a good friend, so if that Katie was your fave, then I bet that loyalty is of high importance to you and that you do what you can to be there for your loved ones. But, if you didn't use to love Katie and are only feeling the current Season 5 Katie, then you might go over the top when it comes to sticking up for yourself and speaking your mind.

Tom Schwartz


If you relate to Schwartz, then you probably have a pretty chill personality. You just want everyone to get along and turn up. You are not at all here for the drama.

Kristen Doute


There is a lot to say about Kristen, but there are actually some good things included! If you identify with Kristen, then you love hard and love often. Kristen is all about bringing her friend group together (without allowing in new members) and she pretty much always has a significant other.

Ariana Madix


If you love Ariana, then you probably pride yourself on your individuality. You will be friends with whoever you want to be around and you will never given into any clique pressures.

Tom Sandoval


If you love Tom, then you prioritize maintaining your relationships. Whether it's with a love interest who slipped up, a friend who did you wrong, or an outsider in a clique, you try to reach out and keep a bond with everyone. You are a man or woman of the people.

Brittany Cartwright


Who doesn't love Brittany? I don't even know if it was fair to include her in this list because everyone likes her. Nevertheless, if Brittany your favorite, then you applaud people who think for themselves, have a strong moral compass, and a solid work ethic. You really can't go wrong if you choose Brittany. Just ask Jax.

LaLa Kent


To put it mildly, LaLa is a polarizing presence. Still, if you love her, then you probably appreciate throwing shade and sexual humor. You might also get off on controversy.

James Kennedy


If James is the one that you like best, you haven't been watching this show. Either that or you're just a sucker for pain and disappointment because this choice makes no sense otherwise.

Of course, these characterizations are simply based on my opinion, but it does make sense to say that your favorite Vanderpump Rules cast member says a lot about you. I mean, how could it not?