What's A Fitness Superstar? Christmas' Job Off 'Big Brother 19' Is Super Pretty Badass

Sonja Flemming/CBS

As someone who can barely lift a single weight, the title "Fitness Superstar" is a rather intimidating one to me. But that's just what Christmas Abbot is when she's not a contestant on Big Brother season 19. She is multi talented, competitive, and ready to make waves in the Big Brother house. And her job title is "Fitness Superstar." After much research, I've discovered that the title is not the prize you win from an actual competition, but more a self-proclaimed title. Christmas, who is a personal trainer and overall fitness guru, has deemed herself a "Fitness Superstar," and if it's that easy to claim that title, Imma claim it too. Just kidding, because there are a lot of components that make Big Brother's Christmas Abbot a "Fitness Superstar."

When I first heard the title, I imagined a crown and throne in which the most fit member of the world sat. Or did squats at. But this is simply not the case. "Fitness Superstar" is Christmas' description of her fitness job that includes training, teaching, and working out. It's time to dive into the world of Christmas. Perhaps looking into her fitness-centric world will give fans small clues about how Christmas will act in the Big Brother house — and how much of a psychical threat she can be. Either way, it's a fun look into the world of working out 24/7.


Christmas is a workout instructor who prides herself on successful students. On her personal website, there is a whole section dedicated to the transformations of her clients. A Fitness Superstar doesn't keep being fit to herself, she shares her superstar fitness powers with the world.

Non-Traditional Workouts

There isn't just one way to work out. A 'Fitness Star' may stick to one workout but a 'Fitness Superstar' tries it all. From belly dancing, to weight lifting, to boxing, Christmas knows how to work it out. Her versatility as a fitness guru may transfer into a game versatility in Big Brother.


There's really no hiding her Fitness Superstar powers. While Christmas intends to play under the radar at first, her muscles betray her power.

Fitness Book

You can't be a Fitness Superstar unless you get it in writing, apparently. Christmas has written a book entitled, The Badass Life. The book is "a day-by-day guide designed to encourage habit change through fun, dynamic daily tasks challenging your mind, body, and spirit." As an author, Christmas has a lot going for her, even before she joins the competition. I'm curious if her ability to live with good habits will help keep her balanced in the Big Brother competition.


Christmas's Instagram is filled with saying and motivational tools. Trademark sayings are a must for any Fitness Superstar, I assume. Often in a fierce competition like Big Brother, having quotes to keep you motivated is important. Hopefully she can meditate on her sayings, stay focused, and take home half a million dollars and the title of Big Brother winner.

On Camera Fitness

Female Fitness Motivation on YouTube

Big Brother won't be Christmas's first time on camera. She has shot a series of videos to inspire "female fitness motivation." If you have any doubt of her Fitness Superstar talents, check out these videos.

Honestly, with or without the Big Brother title, Christmas is a pretty badass successful lady already. Only time will tell if she becomes more than a Fitness Superstar, but also a Big Brother Superstar.