Here’s Everywhere That Will Be Closed On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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The third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means that this year we'll celebrate the federal holiday on Jan. 21. While it might be clear what's open on the holiday — thanks to retail sale signs circulating aplenty — it might not be as clear what isn't open. Though most of the places closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day are federal institutions, other businesses and organizations are allowed to decide whether or not they stay open. This essentially means that figuring out what is and is not open is not at all intuitive. So to make your day off a bit easier to navigate, I've made a list of everything you can expect to be closed.

On such an important day, you'll want to be able to plan ahead. Whether you're spending the whole day commemorating and honoring Dr. King's life and work by going to a parade, a town gathering, or just observing at home, you'll want to know what businesses will be open should you need gas, groceries, medicine, supplies or more. Here's all the information about what will not be open for you on MLK Jr. Day, so if you need any of these services, plan ahead.

Banks & Credit Unions

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All banks and credit unions will be closed on Jan. 21, but you'll be able to use ATMs and online banking as per usual.

The Stock Market

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The stock market will be closed on Monday, Jan. 21, so all trades and official financial business will have to be handled before the holiday weekend or on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Mail Services

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All official mail services will be suspended, but if you need to use or receive FedEx or UPS, they will be working as usual.

Public Libraries

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If you need a book for work or homework, get it before the holiday weekend, unless you want to pay for it. All public libraries will be closed, but most book stores will be open — and there's always eBooks if you're really in a bind.

College & University

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There will be no classes at colleges and universities on Jan. 21.

Some Garbage Services

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While most garbage pick ups will be running as usual, it is up to the state to decide whether or not business is running on schedule. Before bringing out your trash or recycling, check withy our city to ensure pick ups are still scheduled for Jan. 21.

Government Offices

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Though a day off from work is certainly a good time to get your business done at the DMV, it will be closed. Court houses will also be closed, so unfortunately any official federal business you have to do will have to wait for a non-federal holiday.