What's Danielle M. Doing After ‘The Bachelor’? She's Back At Work & Having A Blast

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

And then there were six. Nick Viall sent women home left and right during last Monday's episode, but Bachelor contestant Danielle M. is still going strong for the moment. The Nashville neonatal nurse has been a fan favorite from the start, and she’s continuing to stay strong and positive, despite Nick Viall's emotional breakdown last week. Life can change a lot for someone after The Bachelor, and I like to look and see where the contestants are post-filming. Using social media, it seems that, after The Bachelor, Danielle Maltby has gone back to her life as a nurse and has been enjoying the perks of being on national TV. There’s no faulting her there.

In case you forgot, since their one-on-one feels like forever ago, Danielle M. is the neonatal nurse who was once engaged to a musician who overdosed and passed away. Her story was incredibly devastating, but she seems like she is ready to move forward with her life, which is why she's on the show.

Besides her perfect blonde hair and the fact that she literally saves babies, Danielle M. is also from Wisconsin, just like Nick. They seem like the perfect pair, right? While I don’t know if she ends up engaged at the end of all this, I do know that she’s been having a pretty good time post-Bachelor. Take a look for yourself.

Possibly Hanging Out With Paul McDonald

In case you don’t know who Paul McDonald is, he was once on American Idol and used to be married to Twilight actress Nikki Reed. When she got home from the show she posted a boomerang to which McDonald replied, “let's hang soon! I'm back in town!”

Seeing The Nutcracker

Danielle and her pals went and saw the classic ballet and attempted some moves of their own. “@rwardphoto and I are hoping to make that chorus line next year,” she captioned the adorable video.

Avoiding A Cold

As a nurse, there are solid ways to avoid getting sick with the rest of the world in the winter. “Trying to ward off that winter sickness that got all my does down,” she says in the video, showing off her IV to stay hydrated.

Spending Christmas At Work

“Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 from me and the littles tonight!!” she captioned a photo of the tiniest little hat you’ve ever seen. The babies needed some company in the NICU over the holidays.


She’s a little late to the party, but she finally got here. “Now you have access to my whimsical and nonsensical inner monologue,” she captioned the screenshot of her Twitter on Instagram. How meta.

Cheering On The Nashville Predators

Danielle was cheering on her NHL team. I honestly had no idea Nashville even had an NHL team. You learn new things every day.

Celebrating Her Newfound Career As A Bachelor Contestant

“Thank you @sosarahanne for throwing me the best premier party for @bachelorabc 🌹Thank you for all the love, kind words, and whiskey !” she captioned a photo of her and her pals at the party.

Seeing Oscar Nominated Movies

The neonatal nurse took some time to see Hidden Figures. Not to be confused with the nonexistent "Hidden Fences."

Hanging With The Bachelor Ladies

There’s a new squad in town. It's a group of women from Nick’s season, and, yes, Danielle is apart of the girl gang.

Playing Board Games

Throwing it WAY back to the days of Trouble. Sunday Funday, anyone?

Working The Night Shift

“Sunrise is a nightshifters best friend,” Danielle captioned the photo. Oof, the night shift is rough.

Celebrating Lots Of Instagram Followers

“I may be on the cheesy side,” she wrote on a post about achieving 100,000 followers. “But I was really excited to reach this moment. I'm still blown away! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support😘 It truly means so much!” Maybe if she’s still single after all this, she can get on the celebrity dating app, Raya.

Not Watching The Super Bowl

Packers or bust.

Basically, Danielle M. is living a pretty solid life right now, engagement or not.