Becca's Sunchaser Palette Is Versatile

by Rachel Nussbaum

Take a single look at their bestseller lineup, and Becca clearly knows cheeks. Where other brands have focused in on zero-budge liquid lipstick and uncannily scented shadow palettes, the brand that brought us one of the first mega-sheen highlighters thrives at everything in the general face mid-section. Which makes what's in Becca's Sunchaser palette especially exciting, as a triple-threat combo of blush, highlighter, and a never-before-seen bronzer.

Exclusive to Ulta and available now for $34, the Sunchaser palette was made for channeling a "back-to-the-beach complexion," according to the brand's Insta — making summer skin possible even as we're locked in early March's stubbornly, rudely frosty embrace. A trio of "creamy, blendable powders," the palette features the brand's debut of Sunlit Bronzer in Ipanema Sunset, an exclusive shade of Mineral Blush in Apricot Blossom, and their Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal.

BECCA Sunchaser Palette, $34, Ulta

At a $77 value, you know the drill. Palettes: Good. They definitely save money, but in terms of whether this is worth your while as more cheek products for the stash, I'd say go for this guy if you really want to look summer in the eyes. It's March, we all need the boost. Becca gets it, describing the Sunchaser as a "versatile trio of matte & radiant finishes [that] can be used alone or layered to create a post-vacation glow." Just RUB WARM WEATHER IN OUR FACE, why don't you, Becca (please, actually).

BECCA Sunchaser Palette, $34, Ulta

It's not the most avant-garde palette, but doesn't claim to be — it's more for those longing for that Jennifer Aniston perma-glow. The Opal highlighter is spot-on for a gritty sand color that shines on medium-toned skin, while the slightly shimmery bronzer and wearable blush add an alive look to any skin tone.

Becca's only bronzers as of now are their Bronzing Skin Perfector primer and double-duty Shadow & Light Bronze/Contour Perfector, so if you're in the market for a new bronzer and love to get your hands on things first, the Sunchaser gives bang for the buck.

BECCA Sunchaser Palette, $34, Ulta

The packaging is also a pretty, tropical spin on the brand's classic dark taupe packaging. To brighter days! Imagine we're all cheersing with our many, many palettes.