Betsey Johnson Just Launched A Surprise Makeup Line & It Includes $20 Brushes & $16 Lip Sets

Beauty dreams do come true. Betsey Johnson has long been loved for her punk rock x downtown NYC, pink and black aesthetic. The designer has always meshed a girlish vibe with edgy, rock 'n' roll flair in her dresses, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Betsey Johnson just dropped her own makeup line and the assortment is exactly what you'd expect from the fierce 'n' fun designer.

The nine-piece collection is available exclusively via FragranceNet. It includes an eyeshadow palette, mascara, false lashes, highlighting powder, highlighter sticks, liquid matte lippie sets in both a neutral and a bright color palettes, a sparkly, dual-ended lip gloss set, and a six-piece brush set with black handles and pink-dipped, ombre bristles. Because of course it does.

Go ahead and take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Betsey Johnson makeup is definitely a lot to process and to get really, really, really excited about.

Of course the packaging is defined by Betsey Johnson signatures — lips, lightning bolts, polka dots, pop art flashes, and lots of red, black, and pink. Hello Giggles reports that the designer named all the products herself and drew all of the packaging designs. So Betsey Johnson's DNA distinctly factors into this range.

From tools to products, it's as affordable as it is adorable.

The Betsey Johnson products start as low as $12 and go up to $30 for the priciest product, which is the palette and features 24 pans of shadow. Translation: It's a terrific value.

The mirror is stamped with a smooch and this message: "You are too cute." You gotta love a product that reminds you of your innate awesomeness every single morning. You gotta love an assortment of new makeup that won't wipe our your wallet, as well.

The Betsey Johnson beauty products super serve your lips, lids, lashes, and more.

Below is a rundown of the products that will bring a bit of Betsey to your morning beauty routine.

1. Blend It Babe Eyeshadow Palette

2. Lip Love Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lip Color Nude Color Kit

3. Lip Love Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lip Color Classic Color Kit

4. Sparkle On Down Double-Ended Lip Gloss

5. Lush Lash Mascara & Lash Fibers

6. Falsies Fabulous Lash Kit

7. Sparkle Hard Highlighter Powder With Brush

8. Sparkle Plenty Luminous Highlighting Stick Kit

9. Blend It Babe Six Piece Brush Set

You now have all of the tools you need for a full face. You can totally Betsey-fy your beauty routine and makeup bag without breaking the bank.

The Betsey Johnson makeup collection is small but focused and sexy yet high impact. The products are sassy, fun, and effective, while the packaging will provide you with a morning mood boost. It's that cute.