Bite Beauty's Love, Bite Set Is Too Good

With a new season comes new products and collections, but this brand is doing things a little differently. Instead of overwhelming customers with yet another collection to buy, Bite Beauty bundled some of their best products at a great price. Of course, it won't be around forever though. What's in Bite Beauty's Love, Bite Set, you ask? Grab your wallets, because this bundle is love at first bite, err, sight.

This brand is always doing things a little differently, and this time it's paying off in a major way — literally. Bite Beauty's new set has a trio of products that you're guaranteed to love. Get this, there's three full-sized products — Multisticks in Cashew and Gelato and a Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl. All of the products are some of the brand's best selling products.

It's not often that a brand puts together a set of full-sized products at a discounted price, but that's exactly what Bite Beauty has done. According to the Sephora website, the Love, Bite Set is $42. Considering that all of the products separately would cost you $70, I'd say this is a heck of a good savings. The Sephora website is currently the only place to shop the set.

Bite Beauty's Love, Bite Set might be all about the lippies, but it doesn't stop there. The Multisticks can be used on the eyes and face as well. So you're pretty much getting an all-in-one set for an incredibly low price. You'll also get the gorgeous floral pink mirror, which you can't buy anywhere else.

Love, Bite Lip Set, $42,

Of course, all good makeup launches must eventually come to an end. This lip set is limited edition for spring, so it won't be around forever. Considering it's such a good price, something tells me that it won't be around for long. Once it's gone on the Sephora site, it's gone for good.

Love, Bite Lip Set, $42,

What are you doing still reading this? Go head over to the Sephora website and stock up before these products are gone!