Chanel Is Launching A Makeup Line For Men, But Everyone Will Want To Use It

Inclusivity and consideration of more people continues to reign supreme in the beauty realm. Fenty and Flesh have 40 foundation shades as their standard so all women can find a color that suits their warm or cool undertones. Brands are also considering men in their product assortments. Chanel's Boy de Chanel men's makeup line is the high-end brand's first foray into the category and it understands the notion that men like to be well-groomed, too.

Some may wonder why makeup is being treated as though it's gendered — since products have no inherent gender. However, brands do market and develop products in specific and targeted ways. That said, Boy de Chanel is a refreshing launch because anyone and everyone can use these products and the brand is furthering the notion that "the world is no longer considered in terms of fixed identities."

As the brand eloquently stated in its press release received by Bustle, "Beauty is about style. It knows no gender. There are no lines, colors, attitudes, or gestures that are exclusively feminine or masculine; there is only style."

The collection consists of three, easy-to-use products upon launching and will arrive in South Korea as of Sept. 1. But what about domestically?

Courtesy of Chanel

Don't sweat it, as the collection will become available internationally online in November. The range will then land in boutiques in January of next year. So these products are coming!

Smooth skin, hydrated and pampered lips, and well-scaped brows are the order of the day with Boy de Chanel. The products are primarily self-care and neutral-hued, rather than dramatic or of bold colors.

Courtesy of Chanel

Boy de Chanel features a foundation, along with a matte but moisturizing lip balm, and an eyebrow pencil in four shades and with a spoolie end. The foundation comes in eight shades, boasts Broad Spectrum SPF 25, and is lightweight but long-wearing. It will allow the user to enjoy a smooth, even complexion with a little luminosity.

Courtesy of Chanel

The non-shiny, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E-enriched formula is clear, colorless, and effective.

Courtesy of Chanel

The brow pencils let the user shade and define both eye framers and facial hair. It's an awesome selection of options for anyone who has or wants to adopt a minimalist routine.

Chanel's cosmetics offerings are always encased in chic tubes but the product inside is almost always primo.

Courtesy of Chanel

The Boy de Chanel products will be much the same — in midnight blue packaging.

Courtesy of Chanel

As WWD reports, the brand's Boy arm already features handbags and perfume. It was inspired by Boy Capel, a muse and partner of Gabrielle Chanel.

As WWD reports, Chanel further contextualized the source of inspo and its own evolution, saying, "Just as Gabrielle Chanel borrowed elements from the men's wardrobe to dress women, Chanel draws inspiration from the women's world to write the vocabulary of a new personal aesthetic for men." That's precisely why this line has an awesome vibe.

Courtesy of Chanel

While the makeup line is starting out small yet focused, it's excellent. It also acknowledges that most people engage and indulge in self-care and desire quality products with which to do so. It also reminds us that men and women can, should, and do influence one another.

We don't know what's next or what future product extensions will look like just yet. But we're excited to see what else Chanel will come up with.