What's In Chrissy Teigen x BECCA's Glow Face Palette? Prepare To Bathe In Shimmer This Summer

The Internet practically shut down when the news of the latest BECCA collaboration come out. The brand’s teamed up with a major celebrity, and what they’re creating is sure to be absolutely amazing. What’s in Chrissy Teigen X BECCA’s Glow Face Palette? Get ready to be blinded by the #BECCAxCHRISSY light!

According to Teigen’s Instagram, she’s been a fan of the BECCA highlighters for quite some time now, so clearly, she’s got great taste in makeup. After the initial teases from Teigen and the brand, the world was thinking a highlight product was heading to beauty bags everywhere. Little did fans know, however, these two had much, much more than just one glowing beauty item in store!

Chrissy Teigen X BECCA’s Glow Face Palette, $46, BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics officially announced that their collaboration will include a limited edition Glow Face Palette. It will feature Teigen’s favorite existing highlight shade from the brand, Rose Gold, plus three all-new cheek shades. There’s another highlighting hue called Beach Nectar, a Malibu Soleil bronzing color and a beautiful blush named Hibiscus Bloom. So, yeah. Makeup lovers weren’t ready for what this duo had planned! According to the brand, the Glow Face Palette will be launching in early May, and you better be ready to add this item to your cart, ASAP. Something this good is bound to sell out quickly!

Chrissy Teigen X BECCA’s Glow Face Palette, $46, BECCA Cosmetics

Behold the beauty! This lovely item will be available soon, and you can sign up on the BECCA Cosmetics website to be notified when it's available.

Courtesy BECCA Cosmetics

These highlighters, blush and bronzer will have you all set for summer.

Chrissy Teigen X BECCA’s Glow Face Palette, $46, BECCA Cosmetics

Plus, the packaging is just gorgeous. This masterpiece is retailing for just $46, so get ready to add it to your personal collection.

The first Instagram clue about the collab wasn't very telling, but it was enough to have fans super excited.

Then, when news of the palette officially broke, people really lost it.

The freaking out is definitely appropriate, however. Because this mash-up is excellent.

Chrissy Teigen X BECCA’s Glow Face Palette, $46, BECCA Cosmetics

I mean, just look at that glow!

Get ready to get your hands on this Chrissy Teigen X BECCA product. The launch is just a few short weeks away, and thank goodness for that because I'm not sure how long I can wait.