What's In ColourPop's In A Twist Lippie To Go…

by Kali Borovic

If there's one makeup item that ColourPop knows about best, it's lippies. They have tons of different formulas and shades, and now they're rolling out a brand new on-the-go set that you're going to love. Although this isn't their first time making a double-sided lip product, ColourPop created a new Lippie To Go Collection. Think of it as a mini lip kit hat you never knew you needed. What's in ColourPop's In A Twist Lippie To Go Collection? These shades are all fan favorites.

Lip Kits are a huge trend in makeup. Tons of brands from Kylie Cosmetics to MAC Cosmetics have their own, and now ColourPop has their own version. Instead of putting a liner and lipstick in one set, they put it in the same product. The In A Twist Lippie To Go Collection contains five double-sided sticks with a Lippie Liner on one end and a Stix on the other.

As far as the colors go, unfortunately none of them are new. That doesn't make the launch any less exciting though. The set includes Crack Me Up with Beeper Pencil, Goal Digger with Bumble Pencil, Kapish with Wild Nothing Pencil, Mirror, Mirror with Bad Habit Pencil, and Nixed with Notion Pencil. All of which are the Matte X formula.

In A Twist Lippie To Go, $18, ColourPop

The best part is that the set is only $18. That breaks down to about $3.60 per duo or just $1.80 an item. You really can't beat that price. Especially considering that you get everything you need for a full lip look all in one little stick. If you were to buy all of the colors individually, it would set you back $50.

If you can't wait to get you hand on this set, then I have some good news. The In A Twist collection is available right now on the ColourPop website. They also just launched Lippie, Ultra Matte Lip, and Lippie Stix sets as well. So if these aren't the color for you there's that lip kit option.

No matter which you decide to buy, you really can't go wrong. Fingers crossed that even more on-the-go sets come out, because this is a great idea.