Deck Of Scarlet Cosmetics Is Collaborating With YouTuber Roxette Arisa & The Product Is Gorgeous — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Deck of Scarlet basically rewrote the "script" for beauty subscription services and boxes. The brand partners with YouTube beauty influencers, who serve as "Artists in Chief" in the creation of bimonthly palettes. For Deck of Scarlet Edition #07, the brand teamed up with makeup artist and Ipsy infuencer Roxette Arisa. DoS and Arisa have created a "must own," multi-use palette that will be your "go to" this spring.

The Roxette Arisa x Deck of Scarlet palette is special because Arisa specializes in step-by-step tutorials, allowing her users to replicate her looks. She shares all of her tips, tricks, and secrets on her channel. She does the same with her Deck of Scarlet offering — making it super user-friendly.

"The #07 palette was inspired by all the Roxstars out there," Arisa tells Bustle exclusively. "Collaborating with Deck of Scarlet on this palette allows me to share the love and inspiration with my Roxstars."

The palette covers all features — from lids to lips— in one neatly compartmentalized package.

There are three shimmery powder eye shadows with which you can create beach-inspired looks. Starry Eyed is a warm, light tan with a satin matte finish and light shimmer. Bora Bora is a modern turquoise, while Bronzed is a dark, golden brown.

The eyeliner is christened "Goddess" and it's a metallic beige bronze. It lasts and lasts — this liner won't even entertain the idea of smudging, fading, or migrating.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

There are two cheek color choices. You can rock Roxstar, a golden highlighter that adds luminosity and glow. Lovesick is its complement — a pinkish coral with a matte finish that provides a pop of color. It's bright in the pan but can buffed out for a more subtle flush.

Two pans of lipstick are also included. There's Smootch, a full coverage, neutral beige in a creamy, to-die-for formula. You wear it solo or layer it with Swept Away, a mid-tone, neutral, and full coverage brown. The set is completed by Foxy Lip Liner — a mid-tone brown.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

The palette is available for $29.95 for subscribers. If you aren't a DoS subscriber, you can can purchase it outright for $44.95.

Arisa even offered her exclusive tips for using the palette for daytime casual looks or for sultry nighttime wear.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

For a day-appropriate look, start with an eye primer. "Dab it on with your ring finger until it's fully absorbed," Arisa says. Apply Starry Eyed to your eyelid crease. "Don't forget to tap your shadow brush before applying because the formula is super pigmented," she suggests. Next, take a small, domed shader brush and apply Roxstar highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes "for a subtle twinkle." Arisa notes this technique "creates a bright, open, and energetic appearance because the pigments reflect light and counters the look of fatigue." Line the waterline with Goddess for contrast. It opens the eye without looking overly made up. Finish with mascara.

Add a flush to cheeks with LoveSick, blending backwards by starting at the apples. Add some Roxstar highlighter, too. Arisa admits to being "extra" and applying it atop foundation and on the forehead, chin, and cheekbones.

Line lips and apply lipstick. Blot. Boom. You're done.

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

For more dramatic, after hours-approved looks, start by priming lids. Use the Bronzed eyeshadow, which has a copper undertone, on lids, define the crease, and soften outer edges. Enhance inner corners of eyes with the intense blue Bora Bora. Line the bottom lash line with Bronzed, using a brush to smoke things out. You can get creative with how you buff and blend or add additional hues from the palette. Finish with Goddess liner and mascara or false lashes.

Apply the blush and highlighter, liner and lipstick, and proceed to slay until the next day!

Courtesy of Deck of Scarlet

Here's another thing to consider with Bora Bora. The bright, concentrated blue might be intimidating in the pan, but never fear. Try it as an accent along the lower lashline, like so.

This travel-friendly, YouTuber-created palette boasts endless possibilities.