Forever 21's New Space-Themed Collection Looks Straight Out Of 'Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century'

Courtesy of Forever 21

Your closet and your OOTD are about to be transported to another dimension and a galaxy far, far away. Forever 21's Cosmic Space Collection is legit out of this world. It's also a perfectly winter-ready range that can be seamlessly incorporated into your current closet. The brand, which runs from sizes XS to 3X, is opting for otherworldly with this athleisure assortment.

The new and somewhat futuristic range arrives on Thursday, Dec. 20 and is shoppable at both the Forever 21 site and its boutiques. The capsule is packed with space-inspired apparel, NASA logos, and cool AF accessories. It's funkily fashionable and was designed for men, women, and girls.

All the pieces totally look like something Zenon from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century could wear. Remember her?!

It's also incredibly affordable with pieces starting as low as $9 and topping out at $50. That's good news, since you are definitely going to want to scoop up a bunch of pieces.

The collection's campaign is fronted by DJ duo Louis the Child and singer/songwriter QUIÑ.

So, yeah, Forever 21's Cosmic Space clothes are everything. The set is winter-focused, featuring winter outerwear, track jackets, pants, tops, and much more. It's also packed with reflective and metallic fabric and lots of logos.

Courtesy of Forever 21

If you are looking to revamp and refresh your winter wardrobe or have some last minute gifts to get, you can dive right in and shop the collection. It's unique yet it's totally wearable and giftable.

Courtesy of Forever 21

The Forever 21 Cosmic Space Collection is peak urban athleisure with a bit of an '80s and '90s bend. It has moments of retro while being wholly modern. The range pops, thanks to its colors. It's smart, street chic. It's as fuzzy as it is fierce.

Courtesy of Forever 21

Don't you want to wear everything you've seen thus far? It's that good.

Courtesy of Forever 21

F21 shoots for the cosmos with this collection.

Courtesy of Forever 21

There are glasses and then there are these. These massive and entirely extra goggles could be one of the coolest pieces in a collection that's so cool that it's practically ice cold.

Courtesy of Forever 21

The collection also features backpacks, joggers, pullovers, windbreakers, and crop tops in bold colors and fun silhouettes.

Courtesy of Forever 21

But it's all about the details — from the pulls to the prints.

Courtesy of Forever 21

Seriously, how cool is this backpack?

Here are some other core pieces you so need to shop.

1. Colorblock Windbreaker

2. Metallic Leggings

3. Premium NASA Visor

4. Reflective Jacket

5. Colorblock Joggers

6. Print Pullover

7. Crop Top

8. Metallic Cargo Pants

You can mix the pieces in the collection with one another for a coordinated and dramatic look. Or you can add any of these items to outfits you already wear for a more measured dose of NASA fashion.

Courtesy of Forever 21

These roomy bottoms look like something you rocked in the late '90s or early '00s, right? What's old is always new again in fashion.

Courtesy of Forever 21

This lemon yellow hoodie is such a "do." You will feel like an astronaut when wearing any of this attire.

Courtesy of Forever 21

You can literally get your NASA on with this Forever 21 collection.