The Colors In Guy Tang's New Hair Dye Line Are Rad

Guy Tang is one of those Instagram superstars that has the power to change trends with the drop of a caption. A hair expert and educator, he's known for creating rainbow and pastel color trends — and now Tang's Mydentity Hair Color line is bringing those dreamy colors straight to your bathroom cabinet.

The collection is going to fill a void in the beauty market that many people might feel is missing. If you walk through the aisles of a drugstore, you'll notice the usual natural shades lining the walls of the hair dye shelves, ranging from every color of blonde, red, brown, and black you can think of. You can also find some saturated blues and reds and greens in between those options that seem to cater to more of the punk-inspired, teen demographic, but there aren't any pastel pinks or icy blues that you find many people requesting in salon chairs.

Correction: The Guy Tang #Mydentity products are only available for purchase by those with a cosmetology license. If an average person is looking to use the product she must go to a stylist that has the product or request that they purchase.

Tang is going to change all that. His line includes Lightener, Permanent, and Demi dyes, as well as Dual Boosters and Vibrant Pastel Direct Dyes. A quick scroll through his Instagram gives you an inkling of just what sort of shades they will come in — gorgeous rose gold hues and silvery purples; icy blondes and unicorn shades.

When explaining the inspiration behind his line, Tang explained on his website, "I created #mydentity because I wanted to customize colors we all dream of — colors that are missing from today’s haircolor. I want to create a line that brings back the fun & excitement in our industry."

But this launch isn't just about filling a product void. It's also about empowering those people that need to express themselves through color and identity.

"But most of all, I want to create a community that empowers our #hairbestie family and enables all of us to find our #mydentity — because when you know who you are, you have the courage to do anything you dream of," Tang explained.

So what kind of shades can you specifically expect? In his permanent color collection, we have Amber Rose, Dusty Lavender, Rose Gold, and Silver Pearl — all retailing at an incredible seven dollars.

Mydentity Permanent Haircolor, $7, Mydentity Color

In the Demi-Permanent Haircolor department, we have Dusty Lavender, Rose Gold, and Silver Smoke, for a little over five dollars.

Mydentity Demi-Permanent Haircolor, $6, Mydentity Color

And in the Vibrant Pastel Range you have mouth-watering shades like Arctic Blue, Charcoal, Lavender Lust, Mint of Steel, and Pink Diamond.

Mydentity Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel, $7, Mydentity Color

All these incredible shades are available now, so make sure to grab one (or all) of them if you're in need of offering your clients out of the box looks!

Images: Mydentity Color (4)