What's In Irene Forte's Skincare Range? This Clean, Sustainable Line Is Set To Be Huge


I'm always on the look out for exciting new skincare brands and am openly the biggest skincare fangirl on the planet. I usually can't wait to leave a social occasion to go home and complete my skincare routine, as I'm a sucker for serums, mad for moisturisers, and oil obsessed. One of the latest brands I'm super intrigued by is Irene Forte; the sustainable skincare line handcrafted in Italy. But what's in the Irene Forte skincare range, and what can you expect from the line?

First things first: Irene Forte is a skincare brand created by Irene Forte, who is a beauty entrepreneur and wellness director of the Rocco Forte Hotels group. It's dedicated to values around being sustainable and environmentally friendly. The "clean" brand is free from allergens, skin-unfriendly parabens, paraffins, colourants, emulsifiers, abrasive fragrances, SLES, and SLSs. As well as its formulations being modern and clean, its packaging is also super friendly to the environment. All jars and bottles are made from recycled glass, and all outer packaging is made from 100 percent recycled fibres with vegetable and soya-based inks.

The products are handcrafted in Italy, using active ingredients grown in Sicily at the Irene Forte Skincare Verdura Organic Farm, which uses organic farming methods. On the farm, there are an impressive 2000 olive trees, 3000 orange trees, 250 almond trees, 150 prickly pear cacti, 120 pomegranate trees, 50 lemon trees, a vegetable garden that spans over 2600 square metres, and more. Sounds pretty fancy, don't you think?

Because all ingredients and product elements are sourced from the farm in Italy, Irene Forte prides itself on its reduced carbon footprint in comparison to other skincare brands. The Italian heritage also gives the product list a distinctly Mediterranean feel. Described as "the Mediterranean diet for your skin," Irene Forte combines Sicilian botanicals with luxury skincare advances.

Onto the products themselves; Irene Forte has an impressive, wide ranging collection that features everything from face scrubs to night creams, serums to face masks. The brand also spans across body and sun care, and features ingredients such as apricot, almond, aloe vera, blackcurrant, and orange blossom.

The prices range from £21 to £139, so this isn't the most affordable range, but it's a lovely line to invest in if you have a little extra money to spend. You can buy Irene Forte skincare on the brand's website, but I'm thinking it will expand soon to be available at bigger beauty retailers.

Almond Face Scrub


Irene Forte

Using almond and hazelnut granules to gently slough away dead skin cells, this exfoliating formula leaves skin feeling super soft and nourished. Use several times a week for best results.

Hibiscus Serum


Irene Forte

Featuring a healthy dose of hydrating hyaluronic acid, along with extracts of green pea, rose, and witch-hazel water, this super soothing serum is an anti-ageing formula that can be used morning and/or evening.

Orange Blossom Body Oil


Irene Forte

Not only does the brand sell skincare, they also have a number of great formulations for the body. Made with orange blossom, jojoba, olive, pistachio, and grapeseed oils, this smells as good as it feels on skin.