See All Of Jouer's Valentine's Day Bundles

Not sure how to do your makeup for the upcoming holiday? Well, this makeup brand's got some inspiration for you. Jouer created Valentine's Day Bundles that cover all of the beauty basics. The launch came to fans unexpectedly, and that's not the only surprise the company had either. What's in Jouer's Valentine's Day Bundles? There's a duo for every makeup lover out there.

You might be familiar with the idea of a lip kit. Jouer is doing things a little differently with their duos. Instead of having a liquid lipstick and lip liner, they created an eye and lip pair instead. There are five different kits available. Three of them have a liquid lipstick and a liquid eye liner and two of them have a colored and basic creme eyeliner. Basically, your eyes and lips will be getting a whole lot of love.

My personal favorite are the liquid lipstick bundles. They feature the Kitten Liner paired with three different lip options — Tawny Rose, Terra, and Brique. Although none of the lippies are exclusive shades, they do feature three of Jouer's new shades. They're worth the price too. The lip and eye bundles are $32, which means you'll save $2 on each product when you buy together. The Liner duo will save you even more than that too. It's $22 as a bundle or $18 separately.

Hot Date, $32,

That's not the only surprise they had for their customers either. According to their Instagram, you can get 15 percent off the Valentine's Day Bundles using the code BEMINE at checkout. With the extra money off, that makes all of the bundles — Hot Date, First Date, Blind Date, Wink Wink, and Be Mine — even more worth the price. The code will be available while supplies last.

Like the sale, these bundles will only be available while supplies last. Since they're for the upcoming holiday, that means that they won't be a permanent part of the collection. As of Feb. 8 at 10:30 a.m. ET, all of the sets are currently available on the Jouer website.

Wink Wink Creme Liner Duo, $22,

Sow hat are you waiting for? Go grab these gorgeous pairs before it's too late!