This 'Sesame Street' Clothing Line Will Make You So Nostalgic For Your Childhood

If you grew up watching Sesame Street, you can now rep one of your favorite TV shows growing up in a chic way this summer. The new KAWS x Uniqlo Sesame Street collaboration is going to be full of minimalist, streetwear-approved pieces that will let you add a little bit of Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird into your life.

KAWS is a graffiti artist and designer known mostly for his paintings and toy sculptures — the most famous of which is called The Companion — so doing a cartoon-like collab is right up his alley. This would be the second time KAWS is teaming up with the Japanese fast-fashion store, where his first collection was Peanuts themed and featured everything from doodle-drawn Snoopy t-shirts to minimalist crewneck sweatshirts.

Now paying tribute to the well-loved PBS TV show, this new line will feature fan favorite characters like Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and more. This will be a t-shirt-only collection, giving you an excuse to wear graphic tees in adulthood.

But rather than the cheesy numbers we were all guilty of wearing in middle school, these will be much more sartorial. Coming in an assortment of different colors, each tee will feature a Sesame Street character, and some of the choices will also have one of KAWS iconic Companion cartoons printed on them as well.

There are both high-impact tees to choose from and minimalist options to browse, where you can either get a Sesame Street print that runs down the whole shirt, or choose one with just a small emblem on the shirt pocket.

KAWS first shared news of the upcoming Uniqlo drop on his Instagram, captioning the photo, "I’m looking forward to this summer project ..#KAWS#UTxKAWSxSESAMESTREET"

The cool thing about this collaboration is that KAWS is bringing his own unique style to the series. The ex-ed out eyes are a trademark of his, as are the bubbly ears that are meant to look like skull and crossbones, as seen on Cookie Monster. They belong to his own cartoon creations, which can be seen in statue form all over the world, from museums to unexpected plazas.

As of right now there is no official information on when the collection will be available in Uniqlo, but he did hint that it will be coming some time during the summer.

Uniqlo frequently collaborates with artists and designers to bring a fresh spin to their seasonal collections, much like H&M and Target branches out and taps into luxury labels. Most notable this year, Uniqlo had a JW Anderson mashup for their 2018 Spring/Summer collection, which is still available. The British label took British heritage garments and gave them a fresh, avant garde twist to create pieces like denim bucket hats, patchwork asymmetrical striped skirts, and ruffle-collar blouses. It was very nautical-meets-'90s.

Uniqlo also created a limited-edition Marvel collection in honor of the blockbuster years the superhero franchise is having, and pieced it together by asking fans to submit their own design ideas. Out of 8,500 entries only 17 were chosen, and that became the official line.

Each t-shirt is drastically different in design and vision seeing how they each were made by separate artist, and they proved to be some really interesting pieces. From a Hulk tee where Hulk uses his body to spell out his name, to a Captain America burger, to a neon Guardians of the Galaxy shirt, it's as creative as it is fun.

If you spent every afternoon watching Sesame Street growing up, definitely keep an eye on the store this summer to snag your own limited-edition t-shirt. You're never too old to rep Elmo.