This Line Was Made For 'Beauty & The Beast' Fans

by Rachel Nussbaum

Like any true '90s kid, I watched Disney's classic animated films obsessively (the lawful prerequisite). Meaning the latest teaser for Beauty and the Beast gave me a thrill down to my very soul. Old friends, reunited again! And Kohl's just came through with a Beauty and the Beast fashion collection. It's everything a literary-minded heroine could want.

The line actually makes more sense than most film-accompanying franchise things, with the flip from animation to live-action reinterpreting the movie's classic outfits for reality — and who among us wasn't living for that blue and white dress? Kohl's collection isn't a one-to-one of the costumes, but carries the provincial French-meets-baroque-enchanted-castle feel that movie is known for, so think pleats, dark lace and, yep, a brocade yellow number. More wearable than a ballgown (although Disney-inspired wedding dresses do exist) and all on sale as of now.

The only things missing are petticoats and a talking teacup, but again, we're talking realistic. Kohl's also launched some more casual T-shirts branded with the movie's iconic shots, which feel like they came from a Disney gift store in the best way possible. Plane tickets to an actual Disney theme park might be pricey, but these tees are not.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Juniors' Lace Shift Dress, $33, Kohls

Couldn't you just see a 21st century version of Belle singing and dancing in this?

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Juniors' Moto Jacket, $40, Kohls

The only connection I can see to the movie here is that Belle is seen as rebellious... as are moto jackets? Regardless, it's pretty cute.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Cold Shoulder Lace Dress, $33, Kohls

And this dark, fluttery dress pairs the movie's romance with a modern spin.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Juniors' Floral Surplice Maxi Dress, $40, Kohls

Roses on a foreboding black backdrop, highly appropriate.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Juniors' Brocade Ruffle Halter Dress, $40, Kohls

This is iconic.

People on Twitter are loving it.

Worth even the jumpsuit pee hassle.

The obsession levels are real.

Priorities in play.

The line is people to the important questions.

I still miss my marker set, but this is almost as good.

Images: Courtesy of Brand