Kylie Jenner Is Launching SIX Skin Care Products & All Of Them Are Under $30

Now that she has essentially conquered the beauty business with her nearly-billion dollar Kylie Cosmetics brand, makeup mogul Kylie Jenner is shifting gears a little and heading into a new self-care lane. Kylie Jenner is launching Kylie Skin on May 22. Kylie Skin is premiering with six face-focused products that are packaged in cute, millennial pink bottles that will have you taking top shelfies to show them off.

Everything in the debut drop is under $30, and there will be a $125 bundle that includes all of the products. In the Instagram story revealing Kylie Skin, Jenner said that it was her goal to keep Kylie Skin as affordable as possible for her customers.

There is an eye cream ($20), a walnut face scrub ($22), a foaming face wash ($24), a vanilla milk toner ($22), a Vitamin C serum ($28), and a rich facial moisturizer ($24). Ultimately, it's a complete kit to take care of your face. Jenner also stated in the IG story that the first collection is suitable for all skin types so anyone and everyone can use it.

Jenner also revealed that she is working on products for personalized skin care that will target specific concerns and skin types in the future. That endeavor that will take some time due to the necessary research and development phases.

Jenner unpacked lots of additional and important details regarding the Kylie Skin products, saying that these items have either light scents or no fragrance at all. The first product she created was the luxurious face wash, since she knew exactly what she wanted it to be like. Jenner also proclaimed that she loves the alcohol-free toner, since in addition to toning, it gets her face super clean by removing any leftover makeup residue.

The beauty guru also showed off the slanted tip of the eye cream applicator. You can apply it directly to the under-eye area, straight from the tube. She specifically chose that tilted tip, since using eye cream can be an inconvenient, additional step in your daily routine. She basically wanted to make eye cream easier for the lazy girls.

Jenner's favorite product in the first Kylie Skin drop is the face moisturizer, which she wears under her makeup like a priming base. She noted that it's purposefully thick because she wants her face cream to feel like its doing something when she applies it.

In the caption of the Instagram post where she revealed the launch, Jenner shared that Kylie Skin is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate and paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested. So if you are are a label reader, have animal sympathies that extend to your beauty regimen, or have a particular skin type, you can feel confident trying these products. She even told her shoppers that she recruited new manufacturing and fulfillment teams for these products.

Kylie Skin is coming for your face in just two weeks. Throw the Kylie Skin 'Gram a follow and sign up for the site's email alerts to stay updated on the first and future launches.

While it's a separate company that has its own site and Instagram feed, Kylie Skin shares both the Kylie Cosmetics aesthetic and its commitment to offering an assortment of products so you can look and feel your best.