What's In Lush's Father Day Collection? This Gift Is Even BETTER Than A Tie


Father's Day is a tricky holiday to shop for, because all of the dad gifts seem so cliché. Do you get him yet another tie? Do you splurge on cologne? Maybe get him a new basting brush for the grill? It's tough, but Lush is here to make it easier. Lush's Father Day collection is going to be the perfect thing to treat your pops to.

"From returning favorites to brand new creations, you'll find the perfect treat that'll help him suds up, groom and dip into a little luxury," Lush promises. Right now there are 22 items to choose from, letting you tailor your gift depending on what your dad likes.

From soaps, to bath bombs, to beard oil and shower gel, there's something for everyone. Herbal, woodsy, and citrusy scents are going to take over his bathroom with this thoughtful collection, helping him get his beard just so and his skin right.

As always, all the products are vegan and cruelty-free, but now they're also completed naked, meaning they don't come with packaging! If you're trying to be a more responsible shopper and are taking steps to only shop with sustainable and eco-conscious brands, then Lush is here for you.

The collection is already available in-stores and online, so you can already start stocking up. Below are some of the options to get you planning your own gift combo.

Superdad Bath Bomb


Infused with sandalwood and olibanum oils, this will give dad's bath experience a subtly smoky-sweet scent. If your dad works hard all week and needs to recharge, this bath bomb is just the way to do it. And he'll love the Batman-like connotations with the design, where the bath bomb has a superhero comic book feel.

Dirty Springwash


Providing pops with waste-free washes, this is a tingly, minty shower gel that's meant to feel like a cool dip in a mountain spring. Packed with spearmint and menthol, this is just the bar to reach for when he needs a wake-me-up early in the morning.

Moustachio Soap


This is a fun one when you order online, because it's like a grab bag! The bar comes in three different colors — red, yellow, or blue — and you won't know which one will come in the mail. Exciting for everyone. This is the perfect gift for the no-fuss dad, who likes to just hop into the shower and get in and get out. A cocoa butter-mint scented soap, it will leave his skin soft without much work.

The Modfather Bubble Bar


Riffing off of The Godfather, this bubble bar is packed with Brazilian orange oil and is just the thing to help your dad unwind. Shaped like a bulls eye, all he will have to do is crumble it underneath running water to create relaxing bubbles and silky water to repair his skin and help him let go.

No Trouble (With Beards And Stubble)


This naked beard oil comes without any packaging, so your carbon footprint is lighter. For the father who rocks scruff or a beard, this product is a must. Made with silky illipe butter and cedarwood oil, it will not only tame his hairs but soften his skin. And if he doesn't have any scruff, no worries. This is a great, woodsy moisturizer.

Fun For All The Family Bubble Bar


If you want to make dad feel extra special, get him this glittery, citrusy bath bomb. Shaped like a fidget spinner (and actually spins,) this is a reusable bubble bar that the whole family can enjoy. Just pop it under the water and watch your tub fill with sweet, orange-lime bubbles for the perfect treat-yourself evening.

Hair Custard


This is an older, non-limited-edition product, which is why it's not naked and comes in a container. A vanilla scented leave-in treatment, it's packed with argan oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and softening honey to help tame frizz and soften hair. Perfect for the dad who loves his locks.

There's obviously a lot to choose from here, so go have fun spoiling dad this Father's Day.